Christmas 2017: nostalgia, a fondness for tradition, an excuse to be part of a communal experience.

Everyone loves the holiday season and it’s finally here. Hate it or love it, everyone impatiently waits for the holiday season for varied reasons: an extra day out of work, parties, booze, and friends. Now, as the Christmas bells are ringing already, it’s time you sit with the family and make plans for Christmas 2017. Ditch the usual routine thing: exchanging gifts and decorating the Christmas tree. It’s so uncool! Besides, Christmas is not just about these things, so add something else to the 25th to make it more of a day apart.

Below are few things you can do on the 25th to make your Christmas 2017 a little different. You can follow the shared tricks or use your own cool ways to make your Christmas 2017 better. Don’t be normal, be crazy and celebrate Christmas 2017 in style.

#1. Wassailing: Keeping the traditions alive

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If you all don’t know about it, let me tell you wassailing is an old tradition associated with Christmas. Earlier, Christmas wasn’t just about exchanging gifts, there was more to it than it’s now. Unlike recent times, Christmas was about heavy partying and class-role reversal. The traditional wassailing involved going door to door and caroling songs on the doorsteps of the rich in exchange for food and alcohol. This can be a cool way to celebrate Christmas 2017, obviously not going and demanding food and booze from the rich… but, singing and dancing with your family members for fun.

#2. Visit a New place

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If you ask me, this is how I would like to celebrate Christmas 2017 myself. Actually, why just Christmas 2017, I would like to celebrate every Christmas like this: visiting a new place where I have never been to. For all who love traveling, to explore the world; this can be a cool and unique way to celebrate your Christmas 2017. Turn on your laptop and iPad, switch on the internet and find a place that you can afford to visit with the little money you have left with you, and get in your travel boots at last.

#3. Help the Underprivileged

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If Christmas is really about gifting happiness, why should we limit it only to our own family and friends? If you were lucky enough to be blessed by God with all the riches, share it those who weren’t lucky enough to be blessed. Remember that humanity is bigger than any religion, and sharing what you have with others will give you endless happiness and inner satisfaction. There are people who volunteer throughout the year while others do it only on Christmas You can share whatever you want to donate to the various organization who are working towards the welfare of the needy people.

#4. Christmas Get together

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This Christmas 2017 can be an opportunity for you to organize one more Thanksgiving, invite your nearest and dearest friends and relive your memories. Organize a feast with one or two traditional dishes in the menu to make your Christmas more exciting.

#5. Make someone else’s Christmas special

Last but not the least, one noble way to celebrate Christmas 2017 is to celebrate it with those who can’t afford to celebrate Christmas on their own. Join hands with these people or families, and share the cost of Christmas with them, or celebrate the entire day with them. The real meaning of festivals is to share love and joy with people. Make it a family tradition if you want to, and motivate others around you to do the same.

In the end, on behalf of Indian Bigul and all the associated members, we wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS. Enjoy the day, and make it happen.

Merry Christmas