Christmas 2017: 5 Unique Ways to Celebrate 25th December

Christmas 2017: nostalgia, a fondness for tradition, an excuse to be part of a communal experience. Everyone loves the holiday season and it’s finally here. Hate it or love it, everyone impatiently waits for the holiday season for varied reasons: an extra day out of work, parties, booze, and friends. Now, Continue Reading

Make Your Wedding Memorable in 5 Steps

Marriages ceremonies are about the celebrating the unification of two souls along with their family as one, tied together by oaths. Not just this, the memories of the wedding is something couples can look up to in good and bad times, remember the oaths they took, and muster the strength to Continue Reading

Failure Is Not The End, Giving Up Is

Don’t let your failure determine your next step. No one can achieve something in one go, if they did, they must be very lucky. I am not saying it to comfort you in your pain, it would be the last thing I would do- lying to somebody to make them Continue Reading