Marriages ceremonies are about the celebrating the unification of two souls along with their family as one, tied together by oaths. Not just this, the memories of the wedding is something couples can look up to in good and bad times, remember the oaths they took, and muster the strength to fight all the odds together.

Now, whether it’s two people tying the knot in India or in the US, marriage remains an unforgettable event of life. So, without a doubt, everyone wants to make their wedding a little more happening and memorable they can. However, due to certain restrictions, insufficient time, and a very strict budget; people find it difficult to manage and come up with right things to make their wedding day memorable.

As people believe, wedding is about money- the more you spend, the grand it becomes. However, this is not entirely true and there are examples where the simplest weddings turn into the most beautiful memories. How? By doing the things in the right way.

Coming back to making weddings memorable, it can be done using these simple steps.


1. Invite Your Energetic Friends to The Wedding

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Marriage isn’t fun if your friends don’t attend it, isn’t it? If they don’t turn up, who is going to dance and do all those crazy moves! Especially in Indian weddings, a marriage is incomplete if you the “Baraat” reaches the venue without any noise. So, call your most energetic friends who know how to dance without breathing, and do all those crazy dances like bhangra, the ‘tapori dance’, or the wedding special ‘naagin dance’. Luckily, if you have friends from Haryana and Punjab, make sure they are in huge numbers and completely energized. Local people from Punjab, Haryana, and Delhi are the best wedding dancers you’ll ever know. These guys can even dance on Pankaj Udhas’s songs. If you see a guy dancing like crazy in any wedding, make no guesses, they are the ones we are talking about.


2. Add Booze in Your Wedding Menu

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Alcohol might not be a nice thing to have on your wedding menu, however, just the right amount of alcohol for everybody won’t harm. More people unite with each other around the drinks bar than on the dinner table, and it also acts as a major ice-breaker. Striking a conversation becomes really easy with a glass of alcohol in your hand, so, set the limits and add alcohol in your wedding menu.


3. Skip the Buffet System and Go Old School

If you take a look at the Indian history, the buffet system was never a part of Indian weddings. The buffet system originates from the western countries like the UK and the US. In Indian villages, even now the dinner is served according to the traditional method. The guests or the ‘barati’s’ gather together on dining tables in the Barat Ghar (the dining area), and the food is served to each one of them systematically. Now, this system has two benefits, firstly the guests can sit together and unite with their distant relatives and family members to enjoy food along with some gossip simultaneously. Secondly, the traditional system ensures lesser wastage of food.


4. Ensure Proper Entertainment in Your Wedding


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Indian weddings are very long and take a whole day to complete all the ceremonies. Thus, the guests who decide to attend the whole wedding will surely get bored by the end, so having some source of entertainment will keep them in the mood. Booking a comedian, a singer, or even a dance group will turn up as a great idea. The comedian might sound like something new, but it might work for you if you dare to try.

5. Make Proper Accommodations  

As discussed above, Indian weddings continue for long hours and take a whole night to complete all the necessary ceremonies. Thus, some of your guests might be from far away places and would need some place to crash and restore their energy to attend the whole wedding. Thus, making proper arrangements of accommodations will ensure more guests staying back and attending the whole wedding.

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In the end, we would like to say that the wedding season has already commenced and a lot of wedding bells can be heard. So, if you’re planning to tie the knot with your long-time partner, make sure you do it the right way and make your marriage something to remember.