Don’t let your failure determine your next step. No one can achieve something in one go, if they did, they must be very lucky. I am not saying it to comfort you in your pain, it would be the last thing I would do- lying to somebody to make them happy. In reality, I personally believe on this saying as much as I ask people to follow it. It needs top-notch perfection to attempt and achieve a task in one go, and to be honest, most human fail at it. Don’t feel bad if you failed to achieve something in the first attempt, no one was born perfect. It is only after few hard-hitting experiences that we learn the reality and grow up to be smart, smart enough to realize that everyone deserves a second chance to accomplish what they failed to accomplish in their first attempt.  

Everything Happens At The Right Time.

Failure is because the time is not right
Everything happens at the right time

Time is the ultimate truth. If it’s not your time, there is nothing you can do about it. Maybe this is hard to digest, but the truth will remain unchanged. No matter how well you plan things, if it’s not your time to succeed- all your plans will fail and you’ll fall down. But, if you take this as an end to your dreams, you’re committing the biggest mistake of your life. Keep practicing and wait for the right time, hit the nail hard when you get the hammer.

Failure Isn’t The End

Thomas A Edison, faillure is not the end
Image Courtesy: The Beekman School

Failure is not the end, life continues for very long even after that. But, not everyone might get it because they are yet to learn the lesson. However, as people often say, it’s better to learn from those who have already sailed the sea rather than gauging the waves by yourself. The internet, your one-stop destination for all the learning and motivation, visit it sometimes and read the inspiring journey of those who undertook challenges, failed once, tried again and succeeded.

Henry Ford; The Man Who Took Failure As An Opportunity

Failure isn't the end
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“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.”-Henry Ford

This man, late Henry Ford, needs no introduction. There was a time when he failed to accomplish something, but he didn’t give up and tried again. Today, thanks for his “never give up” attitude, we drive his accomplishment on our roads.

Henry Ford, the founder of the Ford Motor Company, was once no better than you and me, a common man trying to accomplish his dreams. Like most of us, he failed in his first attempt but he didn’t. He could have moved on with an excuse and no one would have said anything, but, he took the road not taken and succeeded in achieving something which he once failed to achieve.

Not everyone or everything can be achieved in one attempt. Failure is part of the journey, a milestone that has to be covered to reach the final destination. It is not the life that will give you the second chance, or the third one, it is you who is going to grant it to yourself.

Let us just imagine where would we have been if people like Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, or even Mark Zuckerberg for that matter, gave up after failing in their first attempt?  Where would we have been without Microsoft and Apple, or Ford cars and Facebook? Just think of it, and memorize and make it a lesson that you’ll never forget “failure is not the end, it’s an opportunity to start again with better preparation”