Everybody likes new year, especially because on this day you don’t mind your budget and all that matters to people is a memorable new year’s evening. However, life is life. Some make their day memorable, while certain others fail to do so due to various reason. Sadly, the lost moment is never coming back and neither will the first day of the year. Thus, you can’t really do much about losing the opportunity of making your new year’s eve special like others, but, you can compensate in other ways. How?? Making every next day count, and do what you planned for new year’s eve on the second day of the year, and repeating the same on third. The idea is to make every next day special and complete the year on a good note, so you don’t regret missing out on the New year’s eve.

This New Year started on a slight unhealthy note for me, and likely, there were others too who missed the who missed the opportunity to begin their new year with a blast. So, even if you feel the pain, don’t cry! Here’s how you and I are going to make up for our loss and make our 2018 memorable.

#1. Travel has no substitute.

Image Courtesy: RAC

Travelling is like a dope for travellers, you can’t live without travelling for long and once you do you experience a heavenly pleasure that can’t be defined in words. The feeling doesn’t last long, so you have to travel very frequently to re-experience the feeling and stay high. Though, travelling can be an expensive leisure activity, but, what you get in return is totally worth your money. As travellers believe, “travelling is a remedy which can cure the biggest problems.” In addition, travelling is more than just striking off the names on your bucket list. To name a few benefits, you get to be a part of a new culture, an opportunity to get involved with local people and learn something new every day, and every time you travel you mature. Travelling becomes inevitable if you live in countries or continents like India, US, Europe, Russia. You’re no good if you don’t know everything about your own home. So, before someone else points it out, explore each and every corner of the world, starting with your own country. So, make it your new year resolution for 2018 and for the years to come, to travel to a new place every time you get an opportunity.


#2. Spend it with your favourite people, doing your favourite thing

Image Courtesy: The Bulletproof Blog

In a bid and quest to earn a living, we miss out on so many things and so many people who & which mean the life for us. Life is about enjoying it, but we forget that very easily. So, let’s keep our memories sharp and avoid forgetting that life is with people you love rather than for people you love. This new year, why not correct our mistake by making it up to them and ourselves by doing things that really make us happy. How about that? Sounds cool, right? What’s better than spending 365 days alongside people who make you happy, who stood by you in your good and bad times.

Let’s say you love cooking, so why not make a new dish every day? Instead, make a youtube channel and share your cooking videos and let the world know about your untold affair. Or, if you really enjoy singing or dancing, it’s time you take the next step without thinking of the consequences.


#3. Forgive people who ruined your 2017 and move on…

New Year symbolizes new beginnings. So, why hold on to shit what some shitty people did with you and ruined your last year? By not holding grudges against them ends up stressing you more, and they stay in your mind. Let’s not hurt yourself more, flush them out of your mind and thoughts, just delete their existence from your life by forgiving them. They made your life miserable in the past, and by not forgiving them you are going to let them ruin your future, only this time you can’t blame them. The act of forgiving and forgetting is not going to do them any good, but it will make your life easier. Just think about it, you can focus on things better, and you will surely feel the happiness inside. Besides, forgiveness is the biggest punishment you can ever award anyone. So, let go of your negativity for people and forgive them. Make a fresh start, meet new people, do fun things with new energy and a lot of hope.


#4. Party, but be responsible

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Party is something inevitable on New Year’s, birthdays, or any other occasion. But, the way our current generation party, that is something to worry about. Their ideologies like “Drink till you give up”, “Party like there’s no tomorrow” display a lack of responsibility. Partying isn’t bad, but you should know when to stop and head back home, especially if you’re a family person. So, get in the pub, drink as much as you can handle, dance as long as you don’t get tired, but don’t lose your senses because you will need them the next day.


#5. Throw a house party and call in your peeps

Image Courtesy: The Fashionable Housewife


Clubs and DJ nights are highly overrated and expensive at the same time. On the other hand, house parties can be so much better, but they hardly get the attention. The whole year we kept on pushing ourselves in expensive clubs and hotels to be a part of equally expensive parties, to have fun. How about doing it the old-fashioned way this time? Like a backyard party with some bonfire and booze along with your friends! Sounds cool, right? It would be more fun when you do it in real, and you can do it as many times as you want; maybe twice a year, or once in every month with a slight change.

Let’s be honest, house parties are underrated and can be more fun than clubs and discos’.


#6. Do something which you never did your entire life

Image Courtesy: Engelberg

The last but the most thrilling way to make your 2018 crazy is by doing something crazy every time you get an opportunity. Life is a hell lot of fun when you do things which you believed you could never do. You never know if you’re capable of doing something unless you try it. The results are not important, and they really don’t matter most of the times. The amazing part is the sense of excitement, fear, anxiety, the constantly increasing heartbeats, and the never-ending awesome feeling. Things like bungee jumping, skydiving, paragliding, climbing a mountain, and river rafting are on my bucket list, how about you make one for yourself! Let’s do the crazy stuff every day and make our 2018 amazing.

I hope you like the idea. More importantly, I hope you got the message. Life is not short, we make it so by doing it the wrong way. Find the right way to live your life and start enjoying it from the bottom of the heart..