As a child, we never appreciate the efforts of our father, but as soon as we get old we realize it was tougher to be a father than being a mother. He keeps on doing things without asking for any recognition or appreciation, yet we don’t value him properly. Moreover, the international community celebrates Mother’s like a grand occasion, but they hardly remember celebrating ‘Father’s day’. Don’t believe me? Just tell me when is father’s day celebrated? Don’t remember, right? It’s all right, not your fault.

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So, here are a few things that help you realize how important a father was, and the three things you can learn only when you become a father yourself.

1. Your father was worried about your future 

Each one of us went through this moment when our father disapproved our decision to pursue our passion and turn it into our career. We all started detesting our father’s at that very moment without even asking ourselves once “why was he doing that?”. We start believing that he doesn’t even like us, and various other stuff.
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Now, as they say, you realize the truth when the things happen to you- you’ll become a father someday and realize why your father disapproved your’s decision. The uncertainty of your own child can send chills down your spine, and the same happened when your father disapproved your decision.
Believe me, the first thing you will do after realizing the truth is detest yourself and regret the harsh words you hurled at him, while he was patiently listening. If he is close by, you’ll find yourself hugging him the very next moment.

2. Your father made a lot of sacrifices

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YES, it’s true. Your father made a lot of sacrifices in order to keep you happy and stand tall to deliver a good example for you. No dad wants his child to be weak, under-confident, learn bad things from him, or do things he regretted when he was your age. So, he gave up on all his bad habits, tried to act more confident, tried to stop you from doing things which weren’t right for you, and worked his arse off 12 hours a day; 7 days for a week the whole year to get you things that his father couldn’t afford for him. In an endeavour to do so, he made a hell lot of compromise with his desires and saved as much as he could to secure your future.

3. Your father loved you but failed to express

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It happens with all males, we don’t know how to express our feelings, and we make blunders every now and then. Believe me, neither yours nor mine wasn’t ready for a child because he didn’t know how to react to things as a father, but they are trying at least. Moreover, fathers are expected to be a little tough, whereas, the truth is that they are the exact opposite of the expectations, though exceptions are always there.
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