HOK Makeup

Internet is going bonkers over a newly launched online makeup store HOK Makeup which caters beauty and makeup products. The website offers wide range of International makeup and skincare brands at a minimal cost.

HOK Makeup Review:

Lot of customers had their hopes dried up when they came across heart breaking reviews. Fret not, every online venture must pass through ups and downs before making its way to the top. There are pros and cons too just like other online venture carries. According to the reviewers:


  • Cheap as compared to Nykaa
  • Wide range of products and international brands
  • Combo offers, discounts and HOK prof is a bonus.


  • Delivery issues as stated by few customers
  • Irregular customer service response
  • Issues paying refunds to the customers

What to purchase from HOK Makeup?

Lot of customers are in favor of Wet N Wild products since they are not easily available elsewhere in India. I was slightly caught up reading HOK Makeup online reviews and found that the Wet N Wild concealers and foundations are burning all the rage on the internet. They are very popular worldwide and is seeming to rack it’s rank steadfast post the launch in India.

Popular blogger collabs:

Gradually popular Indian influencers, bloggers and YouTubers are discovering HOK Makeup while keeping viewers on their toes with the collaborations and tie ups with the brand. The makeup and beauty clan are said to be reviewing the e-commerce portal’s goodies and are adoring them.

Final insight on HOK Makeup reviews: Lot of customers have claimed that the company is involved in doing fake PR and is a large piece of scam promoting fake beauty campaigns. I’d like to conclude that HOK Makeup has a higher responsibility and at times might disappoint their customers but the flaws they make shouldn’t define their brand, as every brand is capable of doing mistakes.

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