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Our Car Broke Down on Alaska Highway

दस साल पहले हमारी कार तक़रीबन इस जगह पर खराब हो गई थी। हमे बताया गया था की या तो इस कार को तुम Watson Lake (Yukon) जो 600 km है पर tow करवालो या White Horse (Yukon) जो 400 km है पर tow करवालो और या कार को बबयाबान...


7 Things All Engineering Aspirants must know

Our world is at its golden glory of development. Brand new technologies and easier techniques are making its way into our lives every day. And that is one reason why we have more engineers in this world than any other professionals. With so much of talented professionals being ‘ a...


Looking for Higher Profits? Fixed Deposit is Not Your Thing.

Fixed deposit is undoubtedly the safest investment tool in India, but when talking about highest returns – it’s definitely not on top. It was a thing in the preceding decade when the concept of share market trading was still in the dark, but now, it has emerged on the surface...


Safety Tips for Solo Women Travellers Travelling Alone in India

Safety tips for solo female travellers in India – a solo travel guide to help our friends from within the country and from across the seven seas. Since, we all are aware that the state of our country regarding women has gone too far, swinging into deep turmoil as women...


Top 5 Business Funding Schemes for Women Entrepreneurs

The 21st is the era of equality. Every individual irrespective of their gender has the right to pursue his/her dreams especially when it comes to business. Even our beloved leader Mr. Narendra Modi has been talking women empowerment and about launching business funding schemes for women entrepreneurs, enabling them to venture...

Home loan balance transfer

Home Loan Balance Transfer: When is it Fruitful?

Home loan balance transfer has become increasingly popular among home buyers from every class. Everyone, despite their financial status, wants to save every bit of penny that they can and that is what makes us common. However, before opting for something you don’t completely know about, it’s advisable to do...

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