Los Angeles, 8 February 2018 – Julia Daviy(s) exclusive collection is now available for exhibition and is destined to make an international sensation. This collection of exclusive technology is the first in the world to be 100% recyclable, 3D-printed, cruelty-free and ready to wear collection.

“The Liberation Collection” also includes the first flexible swimwear delivered from 3D printers in the world and has caught the attention of trendsetters for this summer.

Daviy’s designs were first internationally spotted during the 2018 New York Fashion Week, where she presented her line and “The Liberation Collection”. It is one of the first ready-to-wear collection made from 3D printers, made to order and built-in specific fabric to last.

This year, Julia Daviy is releasing the first ready-to-wear 3D Printed collection.

Her unique ensembles have caught the attention of costume designers from Netflix and other avant-garde stylists.

Initiating the Third Age of Fashion

The Miami-based designer is redefining the future of fashion, igniting the Third Age for fashion. Julia Daviy has developed many solutions for fashion:

  • Julia Daviy’s designs participate in sustainable development by providing a responsible approach to fashion, with no garment loss, nor cruelty. Her brand has created a community of responsible fashion enthusiast with a conscious twist, thriving for opportunities to let consumers express themselves through technology.
  • Julia Daviy’s designs are a tribute to nature while respecting the environment. Her designs are created locally in her Fashion Tech Lab in Miami, reducing drastically her footprint and encouraging revolutionary know-how while being inspired by ancestral organic patterns. This openness of Julia Daviy’s project, who is also famous for being an active blogger and YouTube on Fashion Tech, has been acclaimed by many experts among the fashion industry. “3D Printing is an amazing technology that will help to unleash the creator inside every consumer.”, explains Julia Daviy

Empowering creativity: From Makers To Female Clientele

Headquartered in Miami, the visionary Fashion Lab designs and produces handmade high-quality, eco-luxury womenswear, that is sold directly to consumers via the website.

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With a reasonable price tag, these precious pieces have impressed many designers and global media, by their ability to attract fashion experts to wear them.

“I believe that 3D printing is the most sustainable way to revolutionize the development of most industries, moreover, it is sustainable by itself.

The more I studied, the more understanding of how the combination of the methods of Design Thinking and 3D Printing (and 3D design) may give much better solutions to people, startups and every organization.

And, I became obsessed with an idea to turn us, the society of consumers to the society of creators. That is how all this started.”, said the designer.

Julia Daviy has a Bachelor in Environmental Science, a Master in International Economics and a specialization in 3D Printing from the University of Illinois as well as a specialization in Design Thinking from the University of Virginia Darden School of Business.