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Make your winter more adventurous and exciting by trekking to some of the most serene and magical trek destination across India. Pack your trek bags, check utilities and venture out on the rugged and difficult trek terrains for that very surreal feeling of adventure .

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The foot hills of Himalayas also popularly known as Garhwal Himalayas have as many as 50

And, India is home to several magical trek paths that may leave you spellbound with its beauty and thrill-quotient. With the best months (between May and October) falling at this juncture, we take you to few of the best trek destination to discover.

#1. Chembra Peak, Kerala

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via TripAdvisor

Chembra peak in Wayanad is one the most amazing trek destination one can opt for in South India. Making it more wonderful is its terrain; it is predictable yet an enthralling experience on its own. This rainforest trek is a delight to go for. Instead, Chembra peak is a perfect example of a trek that can provide rewarding views
for anyone who is interested in nature, at a moderate effort. The peak stands tall beyond tea plantations and lush green landscapes. It starts amidst tea plantations and gradually takes you in the damp forest and surreal surroundings.

#2. Rajmachi, Maharashtra

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via Holidify

Rajmachi is one of the famous trek destination in Sahyadri mountains and one of the favorites for beginners. The Rajmachji Fort stands at a height of 2,750 feet, overlooking the Bhorghat Pass (a major old trade route during Maratha empire). Built by Shivaji in the 17th century, there are a lot of places to explore here in the twin forts of “Manaranjan” and “Shrivardhan”.

#3. Kheerganga, Himachal Pradesh

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via Undivided Travel

The trek to Kheer Ganga is considered to be the most refreshing with invigorating views on your way up and post the climb you are rewarded with an experience that will make you forget all your pains and aches – a refreshing bath in the natural hot water spring.

#4. Kedarkantha, Uttrakhand

via Maps of the World
via Maps of the World

Adorned with ravishing beauty of falling snow and fringed with pine trees, The Kedarkantha Peak is one of the most sought after snow trekking destinations in India. With falling winter snow it’s a mesmerizing pictorial view and what’s more attractive, is the view of the mighty Himalayas from the trails right to the top.

#5. Stok Kangri Trek, Ladakh

via Ravers Expeditions
via Ravers Expeditions

At 20,500 feet above sea level, Stok Kangri is the highest trekkable summit in India. This eight-day trek through the Ladakh Mountains is challenging, exciting and will push you to the limit. Stok Kangri is the highest peak in its namesake range of the Ladakh Himalayas and climbing it is no child’s play.

#6. Tarsar Marsar, Kashmir

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via Indiahikes

If you are looking for a moderate level trekking experience in Kashmir, the Tarsar Marsar trek gives you a perfect opportunity to experience the thrill and joy that comes with trekking. This trek will lead you to enchanting twin lakes, Tarsar and Marsar which are encompassed by Kolahi mountain peaks.