One might be astonished that solo women travelers who come to India from foreign countries get stuck in the ruling outrage by the strange Indian men because of their vulnerability.  Here are few tips for solo women travelers in India:

1 – Clothes

image source: vegandamagazine

Always be aware of the unexpected “male gaze”, though it is nothing related to what you wear, in India, it is still considered a backward society and has not yet come to acceptance of western culture in some parts of the country. To be free from male gaze, do not wear revealing clothes hence I won’t guarantee that it will save you from being a victim of male gaze but as a precaution let’s take a first safety step; Indian men especially focuses on foreign women as only an object of desire to fulfill their pleasure. While some of them believe that it is when a woman dresses immodestly, she is bound to get raped and harassed, demoralizing the victim.

2 – Mobile Phones

image source: DailyO

Brands such as Apple manufacture phones that do not signify the worth of your safety, hence it is bought in the market as a culture of modernized technology and testing the purchasing power of each class. In the current generation, mobile phones have become a sensation and are bought for fashion but what about the safety? the question rises, calling out to all the solo women travelers in India if you feel suspicious about an activity then immediately rush to the connectivity aid, a helpline, police or a trustworthy friend. Always, always keep the GPS switched on as it is easier to keep a track in which location you move around.

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3 – Language Translator

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It is mandatory, no matter what country you travel to, you need a binge knowledge about words that are unfamiliar in your language. Language translators are easily available and worth the price hence it is a tool to improve the communication skills. It’s always fun to learn a new language and if you miss this opportunity you will miss out on a lot. It’s boring to roam around a new city, lost and dumb!

4 – Tourist Guide 

It is most unlikely to find a good and entertaining tour guides. Though, they are a bit costly but worth the time. Tourist guides are essential if you are stepping your foot forward to a new place. They are pretty knowledgeable and won’t ever deny any expected questionnaire.

5 – Maps 

If you are a solo traveler, then you must carry plenty of maps in the handy bag! One might get topographic maps or portable ones that are easy to carry around. Maps can give information about the area easily. If you don’t want to wander around like a kangaroo then you might as well use google maps; inherited with GPS, voice-over, and location.

6 – Unfriendly  

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Do not initiate an over friendly conversation with men who are overly excited. Auto rickshaw riders, cab drivers, shopkeepers, and hawkers are most likely to be uneducated taking advantage of the situations.

These were some friendly tips to keep in mind for a safer traveling journey.