Scroll down to catch your favorite 10 make up trends that rolled out in Fall, 2016 and 2017!

  1. Blurred Lips

source: Pinterest

This make up trend might not be accepted everywhere but, we are head over heals in love with these Blurred lips. It can be done by smudging your lips with a piece of soft cotton pad, it can look extremely sexy if done right.

2. Sunset Eyes

This make up trend appears to be extremely vivid and catchy, it can be worn on bohemian outfits with a binge of nude lips that might best match the look. Just mix different hue shades and you are ready to roll!

3. Eyeliner Interrupted 

source: goodhousekeeping

Mastering a perfect eyeliner is an art but these MUAs seem to be so confident when they give birth to new eye trends. This is a unique trend that can be tried out for sophisticated night out. Eye liner is every girl’s possession and one must know where to draw the line.

4. Natural Contour With Subtle Highlight 

source: makeupstyles

This make up trend is simple yet sexy! Don’t go overboard with the highlighter and contour, keep your look minimal this season with bright lips. We have been loving this natural make up look forever now. Hollywood celebrities are mostly spotted wearing minimal or no make up, this is your chance to dupe them!

5. The Arty Liner

source: vogue

This is a brand new make up trend twirling around the net, it existed in Egypt but soon faded away. The lines look as fresh as the ocean, we are pouring our hearts by noticing all the eye craft. If you want to stun in this look, artistic lines can be drawn across the lower lashes or above the eyelids stylishly.

6. Glittered/Sparkling Eyes

source: dirtyandthirty

Make up artists love all things glittery, do you know glittered tongues do exist? This crafty make up trend is a must try, since a binge of sparkle on your eyes won’t hurt. You can pull off the glitter with tongue and brow, what a match it could bring!

7. Dark/Bold Lips

source: fashionisers

Bold lips never go out of style, this trend has always been on top since ages. This make up trend is trending ever since it was born! You can always try this if you fear not being judged by the society. Enhance your outfit this season with some boldness, just add a dash of darkness to your lips and you are go-to-go!

8. Twiggy Lashes

source: thebeautybox

Lashes are the most beautiful and delicate feature of our eyes and yet we tend to forget to mold it. Twiggy lashes are a stunning make up trend that can be endeavored under the sheer guidance of someone experienced, who is great at playing with lashes. Maybe, repeatedly falling under the trap of endeavoring a mascara 4-5 times, can get you these adorable looking lashes.

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9. Bleached Brows

source: glowsly

Bleached eyebrow is a gorgeous make up trend that hit the floor in fall, it was displayed with white garments and it looked breathtakingly stunning. Bleached eyebrows are one hell of a thing, just look at them? If you’re bored looking like a warm earthy person, then this extra terrestrial look could swap you, to places that you have never been before!

10. Blue Eye shadow 

source: Pinterest

This eye shadow trend was worn by most of the celebrities when it came out in fall. We can’t help falling in love deeply with these aquamarine eyelids. They can look beautiful and delicate if carried on a light outfit for a casual night out, but make sure to lock them with a setting spray!