Dark And Loud, Pop Culture Is The New “Bizarre”. 

Selena Gomez’s Fetish.

When the pop princess of music released the most daring tracks of all times “fetish”, it gave rise to worrisome behavior in most parents that such music was aggregating gruesome culture that was being followed by their kids. Fetish represents seductive yet sad explicit content that should be banned online, at least for under-aged individuals. When tracks are released by the record label, they don’t seem to retain in mind the target audience, instead, it is released for the masses, not taking into consideration the age restrictions, certain law enforcement, irrational content and more.


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Since music is the most influential and powerful tool to manipulate the youth, it can force a youngster to be in sorrow, depression, have a suicidal mind, be in excitement or be happy, etc depending on the situation. Today’s generation is so hooked on to music that it partially reigns on their feelings and minds undoubtedly. The kind of subliminal codes and messages that the music of today’s pop culture addresses to the youth and the masses is rather highly odd. Such content in media can let a vulnerable individual respond submissively to any event in their lives, well is it a good thing or bad? You decide.


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“Indoctrination” is the right term to define today’s media culture as it endures extreme manipulation and endorses self-destruction. Selena Gomez has a down reputation when it comes to producing music, she mostly “unintentionally” or “intentionally” produces tracks that encourage the youth to self-harm, suicide or kill themselves in several ways. Fetish is one such track of hers that depicts the motives behind such bizarre acts. While we have never been introduced to a darker and a louder version of Selena Gomez. Blooming masses have always recognized her for quirky pop songs. What side is she even going to? Jesus save Selena!


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In one moment, she is seen chewing on shattered glass, is she okay? Who makes her do such odd crap? A person eating broken pieces of glass will choke to death, hell yeah! But if you’re a person already dealing with “mental issues” and have a way out to die somehow will probably assume eating a piece of broken glass, loyally imitating a popular personality isn’t a crime at all.


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We surely know that the media is poisoning the youth to drive themselves to do crazy things accepting the fact that there’s nothing wrong in doing so by analyzing it. In one clip Selena is seen pulling her socks sexualizing herself immodestly. Selena’s bizarre “Fetish” has already followed up with a lot of unhealthy controversies generalizing the youth’s mental health.

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Well, many conspiracy theorists believe that there’s everything wrong and nothing is right with Selena’s Fetish music video, the amount of mind control used in brainwashing the masses in the video is far beyond anybody’s imagination whilst this could also mean that Selena is trying to convey deep meanings and hints enduring such sexual but bizarre performance summing up what goes behind the closed doors in this secretive and dark industry and may hint what this is all about. While some conspiracy theorists claim that she is possessed by demons. Well, we’re not sure what it is, take care, Selena!  

Though Selena’s “bizarre Fetish” has carved out the young viewers in a sensual gratification.