Are we alone in this vast expanse of Universe or are we lucky enough for neighbor? Let’s Find out

Universe is the largest thing that a man can see, and man himself is a part of this infinite stretch of universe. Surprisingly, till this day we were not able to find the ultimate boundary of this universe, were we are embedded into. Theories says that the universe is expanding every minute. So, a check for its boundaries will be of no use. May be it has expanded a little more bigger by now, than when u began reading this content.

For many centuries, the ultimate question was, “how did we manage to exist?”. A brilliant scientist- Charles , gave proofs for a possible reason,- evolution. “From ape to man” is something we all are familiar with. Now the question is are we the only life-existing planet in this unlimited universe?! What if the ‘case of evolution’ is true with some other planet as well? Is there a chance for an alien invasion?

The Next Big Answer…

The science of ‘Astrobiology’ deals with the origin, evolution as well as distribution of life in our entire universe. An astrobiologist checks for proof and studies rocks and other samples to find details that supports the existence of extra terrestrial life. Most of the scientists believe in the possibility of an extra-terrestrial life. The simplest units of  genetic codes present on living things are DNA and RNA; DNA and RNA are chemically supported by amino acids, phosphate, nitrogen sugars bases etc which can be present anywhere else in this universe as well.

A scientist, Carl Sagan, commuted the possibility of life in our universe with a set of questions as well as applied mathematics. Sagan’s results say that life forms do exist in our galaxy as well, and the nearest one may be some 300 light years away. So, Let us hope to say “hello” to an E.T soon.

Is there any Proofs?

This is a million dollar question. Though many people made claims about alien invasions and other phenomenon, a solid supporting proof is not found yet.

The word UFO stands for ‘Unidentified Flying Object’. Around the world there are cases of UFOs visiting earth. The most famous one is the 1947 incident. In 1947, Kenneth Arnoid, while flying through Cascade Mountains, has reported that he saw nine other “flying saucer” like objects around. It was since then, the word “flying saucer” got famous.  There are many other cases of alien abduction, and stories of abducted victims, but this still remains a mystery.

Science And Conclusions

Presence of Oxygen, Carbon, Hydrogen are three most important indicators of life on other planets. Space organizations like the NASA has been searching for evidences since a long back. Currently, the science community is searching the very possibility of finding life in the exo-planets. If there are life forms outside our planet and more powerful than us, then a chance for alien invasion is really strong. But, on the other hand, this will open us a meadow of facts and details about the mysteries of our universe. Hope we will find our neighbors (if any) soon.