In case you missed it: Apple has finally sent out the official invites for its annual iPhone event. It’ll take
place on September 12 at the new Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, CA.

What to expect

Obviously, we’re all waiting for the iPhone 8, but Apple usually packs in a couple of other surprises. Last year, it debuted a new Apple Watch and Air pods, their next-gen wireless earbuds. We could see similar updates this year!

About iPhone 8

It might actually be called the iPhone X, according to new rumors. It’ll supposedly have slick new
OLED display, facial recognition, wireless charging and a new “Blush Gold” color. Sounds crazy right?
Big Bucks.

If Apple sticks to its usual release schedule, the iPhone 8 (or X or whatever) could go on sale as soon as September 22. But its rumored $999 price tag is pretty hefty. Cheaper and slightly updated iPhone 7S and 7S Plus models could be introduced along with it.

Extra Incentives

Analysts at Barclays claim Apple might include a free one-year subscription to Apple Music and 200 GB
of i Cloud storage space with iPhone 8 purchases. That’s kinda not great, actually!! I think it isn’t an eye popping bargain. Apple Music costs $9.99 a month while 200 GB of i Cloud storage costs $2.99 a month. That adds up to about $156 per year: Nice, but peanuts next to a $1000 phone.