Social Media is held responsible most number of times for the increasing cases of cyber crimes and irresponsibility among the youth. Does it have a positive side?

Keep it a minute away…and there beeps the next notification.

This happens with most of us. Managing a million friends and followers on many different online accounts is a difficult task. No one is short of friends anymore. And no one is free from mobile phones neither. It is more like, the phone has created a unique and strong bond with hand. Seeing a kid or a teenager without a phone or tab is such a rare sight these days. With the increasing use of social media came the terrifying reports of cyber-crimes. For half a decade or more, social media have held the culprit for all troubles. Are all social media platforms just the “trouble-makers”.?

A million like for the pros

One of the greatest advantages of social media is that there is always a space to share thoughts, opinions as well as emotions. Though the reliability and sincerity of such “spaces” are a matter of question, no one will end up without a space to express. Be it political, civil or social issues and be it in or off the world, the real responses and feeling of people show itself as likes and comments. For this reason, the youth started engaging more into the issues of their society and are much responsible for expressing their views.

Also, the social circles are wider now. Be it a friend in America or a follower in his space-travel; there is no pointing of missing as far as they have an account in any social media. Especially the youth are now more aware of their relatives and old friends; just because of keeping up the friends’ list in various media. Also, online marketing and ad works are now more convenient and simple. Anything or everything can be shared and information rush to us as the notification in a speed that is faster than light. The former lazy readers are now at least engaged in reading the chats or news feed.

Social media has turned to a true model of democracy where each citizen has the right and takes part in the various issues.  People have the free will of choice and expression.


Not so bad

There is a positive as well as a negative side for everything.  And it solely depends on the nature of decision or a person. Social media are creating troubles, but, the real trouble is a person with a wrong mind and not social media itself. Next thing to note down is social media addictions are not just for teenagers. Be it young or old, a limitation and control over oneself help a lot.  It is necessary to keep up the good virtues.

Though there are many advantages and disadvantages, it is never advisable to let social media control ones’ mind. We can use it safely and in limits so that the real and virtual world go hand in hand.