Padmavat Vs Karni Sena: India in a State of Turmoil

A lot has happened during the last couple of months: Padmavati became Padmavat, Sanjay Leela Bhansali was thrashed on the sets of his own film, the release date of a film became a big subject of discussion. To be honest, the whole nation went head over heels for a film, especially the Karni Sena.

The #ChennaiExpress and #Padmavat lead actress, Deepika Padukone took to Twitter to express her anger over the above-mentioned incident. The entire Bollywood came forward in support and a majority of celebrities expressed their opinions on the issue #PadmavatVsKarnisena. Sadly, even the mass criticization by Indians couldn’t stop #Karnisena, but it clearly made them the butt of all jokes after they threatened to cut Deepika’s nose

Image Courtesy: Times of India

All this even lead to the filing of a petition against the release of Padmavat. However, the petition, filed by Siddharajsinh M Chudasama and 11 others was rejected by the Supreme Court saying “the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) considers all aspects before granting a certificate to any film”.

A little later, rejecting another plea to ban the release of Padmavat and rebuking the Chief Ministers and other politicians opposing the film, the Supreme Court said, “When the matter is pending the consideration of the CBFC (Central Board of Film Certification), how can persons hold public offices comment on whether CBFC should issue a certificate or not? That will prejudice the decision of the CBFC,”.

The vandalising and protesting even reached the capital and the fringe groups burned effigies of Padmavat Director- Sanjay Leela Bhansali in Noida. Read the full report here

All this didn’t stop here, Karni Sena went ahead to do a few more things like

  • Threatening PVR’s and multiplexes in Haryana against screening Padmaavat
  • Releasing statements like “We are adamant on our stand that this film should be banned. January 25 may come and go but we won’t let the film release, come what may,”. This one was said by Karni Sena chief Lokendra Singh Kalvi.

Image Courtesy: Hindustan Times

This whole thing has left the nation shocked and terrified, people are scared to book Padmavat tickets fearing the chances of any mishap. A blog published on Mumbai Mirror highlights the fact how watching a movie can make you feel like a walking dead man.

“During the two hours forty-eight minutes that the 3D movie played in an Imax, I had my friends and family text me innumerable times, asking me if I was “safe”. Mind you, I had stepped out to watch a movie, otherwise also referred to as a leisure activity. “

This leads all leads us to one question, Is this really the India we are proud of? Where are we going with all this as a country? Is it really about protecting the #Rajputanahistory? Was this all really about standing for the self-respect and dignity of Rani Padmavati? Is our history more important than the lives of innocent people?

Must see: Karni Sena supporter Surajpal Amu calls NewsX anchor Sanjana Chowhan as ‘baby’.

The answer is definitely not a ‘YES’. We have a full-fledged constitution that is capable of safeguarding the sentiments of every religion, community, and individual. All we have to do is trust our judiciary and let them do their duties.

On 24th January, two days before the 69th Republic Day celebration of India, the social networking website ‘Facebook’ was filled with posts by people expressing their objection against unlawful and inhumane activities by Karni Sena.

Someone even shared a video on Facebook sharing the terrible acts of #Karnisena in Delhi. This one is showing some kids and the teachers hiding inside the school bus while the Karni Sena continue thrashing the bus.

So, Is our pride and dignity more important than these innocent children? Are we really so blind and ignorant that we can’t even see what we are turning into? The nation needs to answer and take a stand or else more chaos and disorder will surround the India we are so proud of.

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