Say Goodbye To Depression.

Did you wake up in the morning feeling not so okay? Here are 5 good tips that will keep you away from distress feelings.

  1. Take Up A Hobby!
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Since empty mind is a devil’s workshop, taking up a hobby will ride you through many challenges and changes in life. For a healthy mind, “action” is very essential. You might start gaining back your worth that will in turn ease your depression. Get in line to join the addiction of drawing or coloring, it is proven to soothe the mood. Join a Zumba class or groove to dance moves from YouTube, it will keep you active, happy and healthy!

2. Talk To Someone.
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Let that dead feelings out by talking to a loved one or a trustworthy colleague. According to psychologists, the risk of suicide is linked with people being silent about their issues. If there’s nobody to listen get in touch with a therapist, might as well keep a secret? (a secret to your future well-being). You can ‘talk-it-out-loud’ concerning the cause of depression.

3. Get Some Sleep 
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Stress leads to depression, covering enough sleep reduces the effects of stress. Staying awake till the midnight can make you look like a zombie leaving with puffed up eyes and dark circles. Keep aside the work and take care of yourself! Sleep deprivation often leads to a disturbed mind, loss of concentration, severe anxiety and confusion.

4. Avoid Anti-Depressants!
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Hollywood movies and the entertainment industry has been a popular medium promoting a glamorized lifestyle injecting anti-depressants along with suicide, that’s not always how it works in the real world. People who are under the influence of anti-depressants play a major cause behind their death. You might be caution-less about the side effects it throws on the mental health!

5. Get Over It
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One can’t keep crying over the spilt milk constantly, instead accept the past and encourage yourself to move on. Past is meant to be dead, reviewing bitter memories repeatedly will only tear you apart and cause unnecessary distractions.

6. Exercise/Yoga
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It might seem a bit harsh on you but mastering exercise and yoga has been proven to cure depression. Endeavoring exercise daily releases chemicals such as ‘endorphins’ which is known to trigger a positive energy in the body while it also enhances the mood. Yoga is an ancient medicine that has helped people overcome anxiety and depression. It keeps the mind calm and in the right place, preventing any further health disorders!

7. Keep In Touch With POSITIVE!
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Being positive isn’t hard as it sounds, when things go wrong you tend to over think negative thoughts. To avoid negativity, look in the mirror, tell yourself ‘I’m the best damn thing’ and crack that quirky smile!

Voila!! We hope you have a life full of light and shades of positivity!