Everyone wants to eat right, stay healthy and lead a healthy lifestyle. But, because of attractive food or for that matter delectable junk food, we cannot seem to fulfill a proper weight loss regime. In an interview, Sara Ali Khan said, “being obese is unhealthy.” It is quite evident now the ‘Sara’ we knew at present suffered through a massive weight and underwent a positive shape change. But nowadays women are behind all sorts of weight loss tips that genuinely make them slim.

Weight loss tips to add to your daily regime are:-


Your morning rituals might include a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee or tea but try to replace those liquids with 1 or 2 glasses of water every morning on the empty stomach. Wait for another 30 minutes and then start your morning like you usually do, with brushing your teeth. Scientists have proven that a glass of water in the morning helps to eliminate toxins from the body and helps people to eat less. For the rest of the day, try drinking a glass of water before every meal so that you eat a minimum amount of food. This routine will help you stay ungreedy of certain foods. Since 75% of our body is made up of water. You can also add lemon or honey as an ingredient in your glass to boost your weight loss regime to the next level.


Flax seeds are made up of high omega-3 fatty acids and are highly rich in fiber. We forget that we are blessed to have extensive consumption of wheat in our country. Wheat is great for weight loss and killing the bad bacteria in the stomach. It is one of the best sources to eliminate toxins and fat in your body. Since its birth took place around 8000 BC, it is considered as the most natural, effective and quickest ways to lose weight.


Make sure you exercise daily at least for 45 minutes, go for a morning or an evening walk or binge on some cycling twice daily. Recommending the gym might seem unhealthy since once you leave gym your body starts to reconcile to how it was at the start. Best way to burn carbon is by exercise, walking or cycling. If you’d paid attention to your P.E classes in pre and high school, then you’d known the sound importance of it.


Oil pulling is yet another source that can aid in improving overall health carrying amazing benefits of its own. It is one of the ancient methods for weight loss and considered as a complete cleanser (detoxification) that has been used by people all over the world including Hollywood celebrities to maintain their health. It was stated by one of the Hollywood starlets that without oil pulling her day goes by null and how essential it is in our daily lives to maintain ourselves spiritually and health-wise. Oil pulling also helps to keep away the bad bacteria that is causing the unhealthy rounds to the body.

The method to do oil pulling is quite simple!
  1. Take a spoon, swish the oil in your mouth for around 3-5 minutes max.
  2. Spit the oil and wash your mouth with cold water.
  3. Brush your teeth.
    See the results and notice how your teeth and health shines! Do this regularly once a day for effective results.


Green tea is also one of the ancient methods to help lose weight. According to the Journal of Nutrition, consumption of 3 cups daily helps to aid weight loss due to its high amount of caffeine and catechins (EGCG). Positive effects of green tea can be achieved consuming 30 minutes after and before the meal or before exercise. But, the first thing to avoid in the morning and at night is any consumption of green tea because of its negative impact on health. Green tea results in burning the body fat up to 19% if consumed regularly.