Live with the essence of Yoga

Your actions reflect your mind. A good and healthy mind will have its vibrancy in all actions. Also, our actions are always capable of conveying a lot more than our words. In general, in every aspect, actions and mind have a strong unique bond. So, it is really important to stay healthy mentally and physically. Since a healthy body only holds a healthy mind.

Via Men's health
Via Men’s health


Yoga as an art

Yoga is an art that blends the spirits of mind as well as the strength of body. This ancient practice that has taken its shape in India is now one of the most accepted healthy practices. Each and every technique in yoga is well crafted to completely energize the mind and body. One of its spotlights is that each of those skills in this practice is derived from nature and has a natural and soothing effect on oneself.

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The continuous flow of energy is set off with a little prayer and meditation, taken on by various possess that are actually helpful in relieving stress and reducing tension. The very practice of meditation is highly effective in increasing concentration and also, to improve our thinking capacity. As a matter of fact, it is even now believed that the Indian sages could unlock the scientific Vista before millions of years before the actual discovery of these is by their virtues of high focus attained by deep meditation techniques. Even the recent studies account that doing meditation for half an hour a day can have significant effects on a person’s brain and thinking capacities.

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The different yoga possesses including the cobra, the rabbit as well as the padmasana all ensures perfect mind-body coordination. The body along with a complete presence of mind glazes the possess that is enriched with positive vibes. The well-renowned sun salutation provides attention to each and every joints and muscle. Every stretch, breathe and move is really vital in helping you create a beautiful mind. Also, starting a day with little fresh-up keeps you awake and alive all through the day.

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Lifestyle diseases are one of the major problems in this 21st century, where the complete cure is still a mystery. Obesity, Diabetes short sights and severe problems due to hormonal imbalances are all that we hear about every day. These diseases are slowly encroaching in and finally will lead to treating our life. Some time back doctors used to mention the advantages of exercises and aerobics. In fact, the true virtues of the old Indian sages and teaching are most glorifies for the contribution of yoga. Though not effective in curing every possible disease, continuous and proper practice of these techniques has proved to prevent such diseases to a greater extent than before.

Every year we celebrate the world yoga day, where millions gather to brush up this ancient practice and to live a much healthier life. Doing good and being good is just what we all want in our lives. Live healthy, happy and enjoy every breath of your life in the essence of yoga. I would like to end by quoting an old adage; “The greatest wealth is health.”