Skincare tips for women

Monsoon skincare tips for women. When it comes to skincare rituals, some people neglect their skin during the rains. Having clear skin during monsoon is just a myth. In fact, dirt and pollution accumulate in the air giving a greater chance of temporarily leaving your skin with great damage. It’s a struggle for people with their basic skin care routine and those with extra sensitive skin preparing for much-needed attention, in fast moving lifestyle with little time for personal care. Apart from enjoying the cool breeze and dancing in the rain, some people may forget to pamper their skin while keeping skin care routine on track.

Here are few essential skincare tips to take care of your skin during monsoon.

1 – Scrub

Skincare tips for Monsoon
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Though the rainy season may bring rainbows to your mind and force you to scrub your skin daily. Scrubbing your skin twice a day is essential, this step is needed to be done twice a day during the monsoon. Since your skin takes a turn of oily and dullness episodes, scrubbing may add up a little extra touch of care to your skin and there’s no harm in obsessing about it.

2 – Sans Make Up

Skincare tips for Monsoon
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During the monsoon, layers on your skin build up, your pores spill with oil, dirt, and greasiness and in turn make your ‘make up’ appear all caked up. To avoid these “hashtag” make up forebodings, you can feed your skin with only mattes and I solemnly swear by sans makeup for a safety check. Avoid using mascaras because there is no such thing as water-proof mascara that could prevent coal like rainy tears. You don’t want to look ‘zombie-ish’ at the end of the day.

 3 – SPF

Skincare tips for Monsoon
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SPF’s are like skin breathers and without the use of it, your skin may feel bare. To cover your skin from harsh sunlight, SPF always comes first in our mind. Some people may perceive a monsoon as ‘clear sky’, with ‘no sunlight’, but that’s also one of the biggest myths. It is always essential to wear SPF, it doesn’t only protect the skin from the sunlight but also from other elements such as dirt or pollution.

4 – Moisturize

Skincare tips for women
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Though moisturizing might feel an irritating step, it is not only supposed to be done during winters or summers but most importantly during monsoon. You do realize that your skin may get dry even in monsoon and to fix that, moisturizing is the only hack. Due to the levels of humidity in the air, your skin might get dull and lose its shine but through good moisturizing creams, it can maintain skin’s ph. balance.

5 – Toning

Skincare tips for women

Airborne and waterborne bacteria can harm your skin especially during monsoon but the best way to avoid bacteria piling onto your skin is by toners, not only do they act as anti-bacterial but also reduces acne as well as smooth imperfections.

These are the skincare tips to take care of your skin during the monsoon. If followed wisely and religiously, it can save your skin from any harmful elements.