We believe veggies are healthy. But is it really true?

Once upon a time, vegetables were a source of vitamins and minerals. A green diet was considered one of the most healthy diet. Carrots for vitamin A, lemons for vitamin C, pulses, and grams of proteins were all true. But in today’s world of business, all greeny-rich veggies have turned to poisons, enough to make anyone sick.

Food is something that is most important for us. In fact, we learn, earn and make a living- all for food. Around the world, the use of chemical or chemically synthesized fertilizers has turned things upside down. The fruits and vegetables we buy are no longer healthy, but just a pure profit- based business. How to be safe and healthy? is a million dollar question.

Cause and effects

Unhealthy food may make one sick for a while, but toxic ones call for chronic disorders. The fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides can cause diseases ranging from food poisoning to cancers. A recent study shows that these can affect human-reproductive phase as well. As we all know, Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases of the century, still struggling for a cure. The chemicals found in the fertilizers are so powerful that they can actually damage the complete immune system of our body. The extensive use of endosulfan (A chemical ) in southern regions of India, claimed the lives of many young and old. Recent survey reports show a steady growth in the number of cancer patients in and off the country. It is high time we do something healthy for ourselves and our children.

The only way to be sure and healthy is to do it yourself- yes! Farming of course.

Back to soil

Health is wealth! So we cant risk health. Organic farming is now one of the most extensive practices that assure you a healthy meal. One way to have a quick start is to find a little space somewhere at your home, get some seeds and plant them. Not only healthy food but it can be one of the most interesting hobbies.Also, using vegetable and fruit peels as well as natural manure helps ease the growth and boost the quantity. The veggies we grow in our space will be extra delicious and much healthier. Don’t hesitate even if you are no landlord, start it small, a rooftop will be a perfect place in the hustle and bustle of city life.

Bon Appetite…

Health is partially a product of what we eat. No doubt, yoga, and exercises are healthy, But to be more healthy, we must take care to cultivate our own veggies. It is always better to be safe than sorry. So, start growing your tomatoes and onions, and be the motivation to others. Maybe a good practice starts with a simple and powerful thought. So, let that thought be-“We take food to survive”.