Cancer holds the top position in the list of dangerous diseases. A little change in our habits can make a big difference.

“Prevention is better than cure”, this is one thing that comes to our mind every time when our eyes cross the word ‘Cancer’. But in this special case, even a complete cure is a mystery. So, It is better to stay away from the crabs rather than risking yourself. According to recent studies, a few of our daily habits may essentially help us to prevent the disease. Some of the most advanced countries have already taken different measures to fight cancer as well. Let us have a look at furthermore details and some important measures.

Cancer is actually the abnormal growth of cells that are capable of completely destroying the body tissues. As we all know, when there is a problem, certainly there will be a solution. Our mother nature has many solutions to this problem. Having a few healthy habits will certainly reduce your risks of being prone to this vital disease. As a caution, it is noteworthy that too much of anything is not good. So make sure that you do not over do any tips and also be always double-sure with the source of tips on the same.

  •  Cancer from life styles

Certain Lifestyles which includes excessive use of liquors and smoking is really vital to your health. Also, these habits will possibly invite or certainly improves your chance of getting caught by the crab. Globally, every year at least 10 lakhs of people lose their precious gift of life to lung cancers. Health is wealth, so better be sure that you care for a ‘better-health’.

  • Fight it with Green tea

The anti-oxidants in green tea is especially good to keep you safe from cancer. In some countries, like Japan, the green tea is considered more than a drink. Not just cancer alone, but it has a unique power to boost the immune system and is really healthy for the skin. In a few types of treatment, like the aromatherapy, green tea is extensively used cause of its rich benefits.

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  • ‘Magic water’ for cancer

Studies by the recent group of researchers show that having plenty of water is reducing the risk of bladder cancers.  Plenty of water with a balanced diet loaded with green veggies will surely make one a high-reach for any diseases.

  • Burn down your fat

Excessive fat or obesity is the next way to getting eaten up by the crabs. Studies have proved that Excessive fat and intake of junk foods and aerated drinks shoot up your probability of getting cancer.

  • Spot the beauty products

What can creams, sunscreens or body lotion do about cancer? Remember, using quality products will help your beauty, skin and reduce the chance of having a skin cancer.

These are just a few things that we all can do to fight cancer. Other factors like genetic-makeup also play a great role, but staying away as far and as long as we can is much better.Stay away from stress and too much strain. Together let’s stop cancer and always hope for the best.