Whether it’s for the time being, or it prolongs for a long time- the unemployment depression can be a major factor affecting a person while he/she is unemployed. Not for all, but for many people-the depression that they go through compels them to take up unwanted measures like drugs, alcohol, or even physically hurting themselves. Thus, if you’re planning to quit your job without having the new appointment letter in hand, or if you ever face the problem in near future, below are the ways that will prove handy to fight the unemployment depression.   

#1. Relax and Accept the Situation

Image Courtesy: Shutterstock
Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

Losing your peace of mind and starting to panic won’t change the situation, thus, it’s better to stay calm and retain your stability while you’re unemployed. The unemployment depression might be tough to handle but it’s definitely not the worst thing that you will face in life. Rather than blaming yourself or the circumstance that led you to quit your last job, let’s accept the situation in hand and do some brainstorming about how to get out of it.

#2. Remind Yourself, “You’re Not Alone”

Image Courtesy: HRreview
Image Courtesy: HRreview

A situation may be bad if, in a whole bunch of people you’re the only one suffering through a problem. Yet, right now it is not so. Your mind might be compelling you to believe that you’re deserted, left alone to face the wrath, but it isn’t so. Nope! God isn’t angry with you, neither it is your karma that is coming back to you. It’s just a bad day and it will pass on very soon.

Unemployment, whether you’re forced to face it or it’s voluntary, you’re not the only one suffering through it. According to the statistics released by a study, by the end of 2017, there will be 71 million unemployed people in the whole world, including me. So, whenever it feels like only you’re having a bad day, remind yourself that you’re not alone. Maybe the realization of this fact will ease your sufferings and help you get through the unemployment depression.

#3. Don’t Let Your Mind Take A Break

The worst part of being unemployed is the constantly degrading morale, self-confidence, or self-esteem causing depression. You can control everything but not your own thoughts, unemployment depression sadly isn’t even curable by any medicine. More people die of depression during unemployment than hunger or poverty.

Being unemployed for more than a couple of months may sap your morale: it’s natural to lose your confidence and feel down. It happens, it happened to me and it will happen with you, or anybody else who is currently unemployed. So, keep your mind engaged constantly, don’t give it an opportunity to take a break and overwhelm you with negative thoughts. Keep doing something like writing, take up small part-time jobs, engage in social activities, explore the area around you etc.

#4. Join a Library or a Public Support Group

Support groups for unemployed
Image Courtesy: Mental Health Arizona

Right now I’m not worried about whether you like reading and socializing or not, you need to join a library or support group at any cost. No isn’t an option, and it’s not actually about socializing and having parties or finishing 10-20 books a day; the idea is to meet new people and make new contacts.

As soon as you step your feets into the corporate world, the first lesson you get is the ‘importance of contacts’. Opportunities to make new contacts and exposure to experiences of different people are the two primary reasons for joining a library or a support group.

When you join a public library or a support group you meet a lot of new people, learn about their life experiences, and make new contacts which might help you in future. You never know, the right opportunity might be waiting for you in the least expected places.

#5. Take Care of Your Health

Image Courtesy: Sarah Namulondo
Image Courtesy: Sarah Namulondo

The unemployment depression affects your health the most. You may not realize it because of your diverted attention, but you aren’t taking care of yourself and your health is deteriorating every day. So, don’t let unemployment depression affect your health. Take extra care of yourself and don’t avoid your regular workout schedule.

#6. Dedicate an Hour Everyday for Job Search

Image Courtesy: The Balance
Image Courtesy: The Balance

Not the entire day, but at least an hour every day should be dedicated to job search. Schedule a favorable time and call your contacts to find out if they have some references, or search on job portals for an appropriate job posting. Moreover, try the freelancing platforms that allow you to cash in your skill by doing freelancing work. This will ensure a regular cash flow and keep you busy. Moreover, this freelancing gig can turn into a permanent thing, so keep testing yours everywhere you can.  

#7. Learn a New Skill

Image Courtesy: ConnectNigeria
Image Courtesy: ConnectNigeria

The period of unemployment can be a good time to learn a new skill that improves your chances of getting hired quickly. Certain professional skills that are associated with your industry and are in demand currently can enhance your CV, and make you more suitable for a position compared to other candidates. So, utilize the time and add a new skill in your portfolio.

#8. Meet Your Old Friends and Family Members

Family and friends cure unemployment depression
Image Courtesy: Bustle

While we are employed, we all get busy and we hardly get the time to meet our friends or take out some time for the family. Well, now that you’re unemployed and have so much of time, why not utilize it with your family and friends? Good idea, right? Definitely, it is.

Spending time with your family and friends can instantly boost your morale and self-confidence. Spending quality time with your family and friends will help you relieve your stress and come out of the unemployment depression. So, instead of sobbing and wasting your time, use it effectively to strengthen your bond.

#9. Don’t Accept Something to Escape Unemployment

While you may be a career oriented person, but when you have people who depend on you for everything, and the last thing you’ll consider when you drastically fail to meet the needs of your family, is your career. It happens with every one of us, we fail to find an appropriate job for ourselves and end up taking jobs that hardly suit our profile. So, make sure you’re not making this mistake, and to avoid the occurrence of such situation take prerequisite measures. Rather than taking a job that you hardly like, sign up for freelancing. It is not very difficult today to find a freelancing job that can guarantee a handsome amount.

#10. Make a Plan B

Plan B
Plan B, in case plan A fails

The last but not the least, prepare your mind and yourself for the worst-case scenario. No matter how talented and self-confident you are, you must be prepared for all the high and low tides in your life. Plan something as an alternative that you can turn on to in the end if you don’t find anything at all. Your plan B can be based on the new skill that you learned or a career that you can choose as an alternate. Some people like teaching and decide to pursue a career in teaching post-retirement. Similarly, you can have a backup career plan, so you don’t end up as a beggar on the streets.  

I hope the tips help you overcome the tough time if you’re going through it already. Let’s fight unemployment in the best way we can, let’s not give up.