Easy-to-Follow Weight Loss Tips to Get You in Shape

Everyone wants to eat right, stay healthy and lead a healthy lifestyle. But, because of attractive food or for that matter delectable junk food, we cannot seem to fulfill a proper weight loss regime. In an interview, Sara Ali Khan said, “being obese is unhealthy.” It is quite evident now Continue Reading

Skincare tips for women

5 Monsoon Skincare Tips for Women

Monsoon skincare tips for women. When it comes to skincare rituals, some people neglect their skin during the rains. Having clear skin during monsoon is just a myth. In fact, dirt and pollution accumulate in the air giving a greater chance of temporarily leaving your skin with great damage. It’s Continue Reading

Mental Health – Is it really dipping?

Is societal pressure dipping your mental health? Do you ask yourself, ‘Why your best efforts ended into poor results?’, ‘Why are you not able to achieve what you wanted to while, you observe, others manage good work-life balance?’, ‘Are you expecting too much from others?’ Look deep at your soul Continue Reading

Health Matters: Eat Healthy Live Happy

We believe veggies are healthy. But is it really true? Once upon a time, vegetables were a source of vitamins and minerals. A green diet was considered one of the most healthy diet. Carrots for vitamin A, lemons for vitamin C, pulses, and grams of proteins were all true. But Continue Reading

Air Pollution Alert! Delhiites Gasping for Clean Air

Air pollution is not a new thing for Delhiites. The air quality in Delhi was already poor, now the situation has worsened. Every day Delhiites wake up to breathe air which has become highly contaminated with the soaring levels of PM2.5 and PM10, which have hit to its all-time high Continue Reading

10 Tips On Dealing With Instant Anger In A Healthy Way

Anger is one of the most dangerous emotion that can cause physical as well emotional pain, if not dealt carefully. We often say and do things when we are angry, that we apologize for it later. So, just to help you save yourself from falling a victim to any unavoidable Continue Reading