I was born and brought up in decent mid-town in South Gujarat. Growing up, I have had some fantastic Gujarati food at home, is it my own cuisine. I loved almost everything I had at home. Though eating out was not unusual for me; outside food I ate there can be broadly covered in Farsan, Pav-bhaji, Sandwiches, Vada pav, Punjabi, Chinese, south Indian and Eggs.

Indian Cuisine
Outside food generally meant Punjabi, Chinese and South Indian food for us. I firmly believed that all Punjabi people eat only Paneer, and south Indians live only on Idli and Dosa. Non-vegetarian was practically never found at a place where we could sit with family and eat. Non-Veg for me was few stints at roadside omelet stalls only.  And practically everything had a slight hint of sweetness into it. And my palate was very much accustomed to that taste till then.


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It was only when I moved to Mumbai; I was introduced to the vastness of the Indian food and non-Gujarati taste of it. At first, everything suddenly started tasting spicy. But then as I started getting used to the taste, I almost fell in love with food, all over again. It gave me the inspiration to hunt for real taste and meaning of each cuisine of India. And today, my palate can identify how Punjabi should taste like and how Rajasthani should taste like. My palate moved on from Singleton taste.

Living in Mumbai, I was introduced to many cuisines and the places served authentic taste for each of them. In coming posts, we will list each cuisine and review places where to find them in Mumbai.

Keep watching this space, it should be fun