For all the Chicken dishes lovers, there’s nothing better than a well-prepared Chicken dishes. And, a hotel, a restaurant, or even a simple Dhaba which can bind your tongue with the taste of its delicious chicken is no less than paradise. So, all the chicken lovers make some noise! In this article, we’ll share 10 best spots in Mumbai where you can enjoy delicious Chicken dishes.

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Best Chicken places in Mumbai

1. Bademiya – For Kebabs

Bademiya, Mumbai – Tulloch Road Apollo Bunder Colaba

Once our grandparents had to withhold their late night meaty cravings till morning and then there was Bademiya. Located on Main Street of Colaba, this place serves mouth-watering Kebabs to Mumbaikars since 1946. And today, every chicken lover in this city will agree to this fact that Bademiya serves the best Kebabs!!!  Once a small roadside joint, Bademiya now owns two fancy fine dining restaurants as well. However, it’s the original roadside stall where you will find the rush late night. Don’t miss their Chicken Tikka, Reshmi Tikka, Chicken Shami Kebab.


2. Café Noorani – Chicken Masala Curry and Biryanis

Cafe Noorani, Haji Ali, Mumbai – North Indian, Mughlai, Biryani, Chinese Cuisine Restaurant

Located opposite to Central Mall on Hajiali Circle towards Tardeo Road, this place is easy to miss if you don’t look properly. Yet, their food is something that shouts out loud. It has samples of all their dishes displayed on the counter to choose from. Try their chicken Masala with Afghani Roti, Tandoori Kebab and Biryani. However, Chicken Masala is to die for.


3. Tibbs – Chicken Frankie

Tibbs Frankie-Hitech City

This famous joint “Tibbs Chicken Frankie” place opened in 1969 by its owner to introduce India with Lebanese style of street food with Pita bread. Tibbs is pioneer and inventor of Chicken Frankie. The dish was named Frankie and the outlet was named as Tibbs after the owner’s wife. Today Frankies are famous not only in Mumbai but all over India and Tibbs has become a synonym of Frankie. Frankie at Tibbs is not only highest quality and taste but it is also suitable to the pocket of all class of society.  

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4. Britania & Company – Chicken Berry Pulao

Amazing Parsi Food and History at Britannia & Co Restaurant

Over the years, Britania has become the icon of classic heritage Mumbai; so does its famous dish, Berry Pulao. Britania is the face of Irani Cafes of Mumbai and it has lived up that expectation by not changing at all over the years since 1923. Starting from ambiance and décor to the food quality, Britania is the same as it was started. And the 95-year owner, who still comes to the table to take orders and tell the history of Britania to customers.  Berry chicken pulao is a surprisingly cool preparation of rice, chicken and topped with barberries.  This dish is not available anywhere else in India because the signature barberries are imported from Iran by the restaurant, as they are still not available in India


5. Jimmy Boys – Chicken Dhansak

Jimmy Boys – Chicken Dhansak

Located on the Bank street, Jimmy Boy is another Irani Restaurant serving delicious Parsi cuisine to its customers.  Unlike its other Irani counterparts, Jimmy Boy has done modifications to its décor slightly to allow AC seating on the first floor. Along with their fish preparations, Chicken dhansak with brown rice from Jimmy Boy is to die for. A chicken sandwich is also a tasty option for that midday snack.


6. Lucky – Chicken Biryani

The Lucky Story || Famous Biryani in Mumbai

There are many famous places for Biryani in Mumbai like Jafferbhai, Noorani, Bademiya etc. But Lucky tops them all without any competition. Lucky’s situated at a busy crossroad of suburban Bandra, Mumbai. Lucky’s Biryani has become quite a household name since its inception way back in 1938. Luckily excels in serving mouth-watering biryanis to its customers with the highest selling of them is Chicken Biryani. Chicken Biryani is flavored rice with a perfect blend of spices with Chicken pieces, topped with white rice and fried onions. Their biryani is always cooked to perfection and taste never changes. It’s almost nostalgia.  


7. Poptates – Grilled Chicken Sizzler

Pop Tate’s – Versova, Mumbai

Poptates serves the best sizzlers in Mumbai, better than Yoko’s as per my views. Located at various locations, Poptates is a casual dining place with the wide range of alcohol and food options. Cuisines go from Italian, Mexican to continental. But the sizzlers are the best they offer. Get a choice of sauce (peri peri, grilled etc.) with your choice of sizzler base (Rice/noodles) and it will be served with a grilled chicken breast, fries, mash potato in capsicum, pan fried veggies and cheese corns as addition with decent portion size.


8. Fatboy’s Kitchen – Chicken Burgers

Fancy a burger at 2 AM night? No worries, Fatboy is at your service. This joint remain open till 3 AM and serves fat loaded burgers to late nighters. Non-vegetarian options have Chicken dishes and Beef dishes on the menu before the Beef Ban and that leaves them with Chicken specialized place for Burgers. But they do some great burgers with chicken and cheese, usually served with crisp French fries and dips.


9. Pizza Express – Chicken Pizza

Pizza Express – Chicken Pizza, Mumbai


It’s a gourmet Pizza place and a worldwide chain. And the best thing is from the décor to the food taste, everything is exactly same in their all outlets around the world. This means the pizza you eat at Mumbai Pizza Express will taste the same as Pizza Express in London. Though Chicken dishes is not their specialty, I have had the best chicken pizza there from all joints in Mumbai like Piza hut, Dominos, Eva’s, Papa John’s etc. Choose from classic Arrabbiata, Pollo Forza, Apollo or Pollo coriander pesto (Little bit of Indianised version of Italian Pizza with chicken Tikka)


10. Global Fusion – Chinese

Global & lavish buffet in Mumbai..pan Asian,Thai,punjabi multi cuisine

A Little bit on the costlier side, this place serves great Asian fare on the buffet. They have a huge spread of dishes catering all dietary choices. But the Teriyaki chicken and Chicken in Peri-Peri sauce was amazing and shadowed other items in the menu. The best Asian food I had in a long time.