ChickenMardana: Perfect Chicken Dinner for Sunday

Some of the biggest and most wonderful things that exist in the world were discovered by mistake. Among them is the fire which I’m sure all us would agree is the biggest discovery in the history of mankind, and then there is butter chicken which was accidentally discovered at Moti Continue Reading

Image source: Indiadesire

This Is The Reason Why You Should Zomato In Mumbai: Tech Ready Food.

Zomato, The New Age – Tech Food.  Ordering food online has become a savvy trend that is being followed by the masses, hence creating immense fondness in the online service. Foodies in Mumbai are overwhelmed and have gained a pro-found love for “Zomato”, app/website based, to order food from all Continue Reading

Amazing food: When my palate moved on…

I was born and brought up in decent mid-town in South Gujarat. Growing up, I have had some fantastic Gujarati food at home, is it my own cuisine. I loved almost everything I had at home. Though eating out was not unusual for me; outside food I ate there can Continue Reading

Top 10 Lip Smacking Dishes From The Western World

Here is the list of Non-Indian vegetarian dishes you can enjoy outside India. So never let the food restriction be your excuse to go on world tour.  In this segment, we will include dishes from the European and American region. In next segment, we will move to Asian, Middle Eastern, Continue Reading

5 Must Visit Family Restaurants in Mumbai

Finding a good place or a good family restaurant in Mumbai which also serves delicious food is like finding a needle in a haystack. Most of the best restaurant in western Mumbai claim to be good, whereas, the truth is totally different. But, where there is a will there’s a Continue Reading

TOP 10 forgotten / lesser known / non fancy Indian cuisine

When we talk about Indian Cuisine, we either talk about South Indian Cuisine (Idli, Dosai, Sambhar, Upama) or Punjabi Cuisine  (Sarso Da Saag, Makke ki Roti, Butter chicken) or Rajasthani cuisine (Daal-Baati-Churma, Ghevar, Ker Sangri) or Gujarati cuisine also sometimes (Thepla, Dhokla, Undhiyu). However, there is some Indian Cuisine which Continue Reading