Reliance Jio is now trending as the brand new Sensation in the telecom world.

There was time when people will have to wait for days or months to hear from their dear ones far away. As time ascends things changed. Telegraph, Mails, Messages, Internet and thus the list of advancements goes on. Internet introduced revolutionary changes into our common lives. As time grows again, more people started to claim the easiest, fastest and the most modern technologies of Internet. Digital Life; which once was a dream is now the breath of the youth. A common Indian daily uses words like 2G ,4G, Data or WiFi even though half of us are unaware about what and how exactly all these works.

Once upon a time, the telecom communities used to threat the common youth with varying tariff plans and offers,  to a limit where the mobiles and laptops will be kept switched off. Things took a change once Jio came to our lives.  Youths are no more threatened, every where we breathe the fresh digital air. How could the Reliance Jio achieve such a great number of users’ trust in these short period?

Changes everywhere

We find some or other kinds of disparities and reservations everywhere in India, may it be education, job or anything. But the digital Life is entirely different. YouTube, Facebook, Watsapp, Instagram or Twitter has no reservations or no disparities. There was one difference long ago, a little money dependence. The richer you are the more you could access these. As soon as Jio emerged the Digital Life has changed that disparity. Be rich, poor, Full Data plan or no data plans still you have a real and amazing chance to tether and join the free world of Internet. Though friends who are ready to tether is a necessity.

The Other sudden change was, the earlier telecom communities that used to threaten and increase data charges and tariff plans every minute started to cut off their rates for survival. A healthy competition among telecom communities is helping users around the country access faster, better and lower price plans. All other private networks, which never had a network coverage even at the top of Mount Everest, suddenly changed to 4Gs with lightning speed internet for all purposes with an accessible coverage even at the middle of Arabian Sea.

The next unavoidable change is that, private network communities started increasing their publicity more via ads. Not a single day passes without seeing at least one such ad. Also, the amount of network users has increased rapidly. Online teaching apps, educational apps, reading apps and the list goes on to help students learn with technology. Faster connections, video calls and improvement in quality as well as quantity of the network in India is made faster with the emergence Reliance Jio network.

Thanks to reliance Jio for helping more than a million common people in India to access Internet almost freely now. Reliance Jio has made technology in India better and also, connected may lives to the world of Digitization. Kids, youths, lovers or senior citizens are no longer worrying about the high charges and empty pockets. Reliance Jio is advancing to new heights with more than a million users and still counting.