styling tips with sneakers

Sneakers never fall out of fashion and will never will. These are like fashion breathers that frame our entire outfit while completing it with versatility. At times, we know on what level we do intensify our style and make it a statement. Once upon a time, shoes like sneakers were meant to be worn by men or young boys but that phase emerged into fashion revolution and evolved into a universal style statement but now it is meant for everyone.

Let’s Talk Desi!

Time has changed, now even the aunties at weddings deriving ‘thumkas’ are spotted wearing stylish sneakers underneath their sari or for that matter even on the wedding gowns. Since sari is now westernized, it can be styled with funky shoes those like sneakers to add up the spark to the outfit.

1. Wedding Dress

wedding dress with sneakers

Wearing sneakers on a wedding dress might seem surreal or unusual – Sonam Kapoor opted for one with her nameplate on it. The duo didn’t lose any spark when people started trolling them. She started the trend with her own wedding, whilst making it as her own thing. We cannot wait to see more brides in sneakers!

Polished sneakers with polished denim shorts!

These days, celebrities like Deepika Padukone or Jacqueline Fernandez are ditching formal wear to join trendy sneakers clubbed with denim shorts. Shorts and sneakers are the best sources of fashion.


shorts with sneakers

Gone are the days when girls had to vouch for perfect sport wear outfits clubbed with sneakers, though now shoe fashion has become more expensive and popular culture has taken the giant leap. Sneakers and shorts are being steadily noticed in the fashion industry and film fraternity. Young girls can adapt to this trend quite well.

Pants and sneakers, what a combination!

Get yourself a severe trend check because this season will fall hard on you. You must be hearing tailored slouch pants for the first time.

3 – Tailored slouch pants

Tailored slouch pants with sneakers

If Victoria Beckham can fiercely take off the streets wearing tailored slouch pants, fashionably clubbing it with sneakers then why can’t we? Once upon a time, these pants looked so lousy. It can add charms to your sneakers. Fashion and style go hand in hand, so make sure you supplement a trend check! Tailored slouch pants and sneakers, in!

Dive in Jumpsuits!

Jumpsuits are our childhood favorite but in case if you are wondering sneakers didn’t add up any advantage to our outfits so long ago.

4 – Jumpsuits

sneakers with jumpsuitsneakers with jumpsuit

Jumpsuits worn over heels has become outdated, now we look for fashion that will set us apart from the rest of the bandwagon. Certainty, jumpsuits can look extremely stylish if clubbed with a fitting sneaker and a crisp white crop top. It will also make you feel a bit taller than anybody else in the room and bring random pieces of memories of college days in you.

S & S make it a code.

Sneakers and skirts as an outfit are something that you have never heard off.

5 – Skirts

Skirt and Sneakers | Indian Bigul

If you want to feel comfortable then skirts and sneakers clubbed together is the right choice to make. Since we are no longer desi, the sneaker’s worn over a skirt can bring blooming vibes. Yes, if you have noticed the top notched and vivacious cloth trends, then fashion shows never leave behind making skirt and sneaker as a fashion statement that is meant to trend worldwide.

These were the best we have vouched for when we look for unique fashion listed out for sneakers. If you have any suggestions or query write to us at