Love Your Brows

Unibrows are trending even if you don’t like it, it won’t stop trending. In the midst where accepting friendly fashion taste is concerned, there is certainly one odd and unfriendly array of ‘joint-brows’ catching all the attention these days. Women are liking it hence, putting ‘no shame’ behind, accepting it.

These gorgeous models are swearing to themselves by ditching high end trending looks and switching to old school fashion in ‘stylistic approach’. Baggy pants, tomboy hair cut or low waist jeans – this trend pretty much fits the bill if you have the courage to pull it off, making yourself oblivious to fickle minded remarks?

Baggy pants were once popular in 90’s too, women don’t feel shy to mark that as a ‘fashion statement’, then why not ‘unibrows’?

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source: Elle Uk

Popular models these days are flaunting their unique ‘unibrow’ art without even thinking twice. This trend is bizarre but challenging to pull it off, men or women – both are competing each other to carry the best fashion statement forward – “UNI BROWS”

Beauty In UniBrows

Another beauty to embrace unibrows is a 16-year-old model Scarlett Costello, her Instagram handle is randomly decorated, proudly flaunting her stunning unibrow that you’d definitely fall for.

In an interview with Teen Vogue, Scarlett spilled some confessions about her brows

“I’ve had it my whole life and I didn’t think much of it growing up,” she stated to Teen Vogue. “My mom always told me it’s good to have thick brows because she plucked her thin ones off in the ’90s when pencils brows were in. I definitely wanted shaped pointy brows when I was 15 or so, but thick bushy brows got trendy around then and I figured it was more ‘me’ to grow them out.”

Scarlett Costello unibrow
source: scarlettcostello/Instagram


Popular Model, Known For Raising Eyebrows For UniBrow Movement, Sophia Hadjipanteli stated in her statements with Harper’s Bazaar –

“Before a school dance, I remember having a tweezer in hand as my mom randomly opened the door. I said I wasn’t doing anything, that I was “just plucking my nose hairs.” She didn’t believe me. I told her I didn’t like my brows, and she took me to get them threaded — but I’ve never gotten them waxed.” in her interview with Harper’s Bazaar

Sophia adds it’s not for everyone, in her statements to Harper’s Bazaar, “I am not really doing this to show people that they have to like [my unibrow], I am more so doing it to show people that they can get on with their lives by having a preference. I personally think my face looks better this way. Others disagree, and that’s totally cool.”

Tips & Hacks From The Uni-Brow Beauty!

Sophia embraced the beauty of unibrow when she accidentally dyed them ‘black’ and decided to give a whole new meaning to her brows, she didn’t alter it any further to change it to the original. Sophia treats her uni-brows like a baby by religiously applying ‘castor oil’ at night.

Let’s see how far this trend goes, till then we hope ‘unibrows’ don’t run to ‘UN-unibrows’!

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