Bollywood Movies With Unique Genres.



3 idiots: 

This is by far one of the most popular engineering movies that has ever been released, which delved into the depth of the crushing struggle put by the society to become successful, and apparently, there are only three ways to do that in India, medical engineering and law. The movie showcases the interests of three students, the creative one, the character played by Aamir Khan, somebody who thinks outside the box and curious, we can see how our education system doesn’t support meaningful answers unless the textbook manuscripts are present in the construction of a definition. If you want to feel empowered to follow your instincts, try something you have always wanted, or just an inspiration to work harder, give this movie a watch! Especially engineering students, to let you it’s okay to draw a line outside the box because the whole world can be your canvas.

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Dear Zindagi:

Apart from Alia’s exquisite acting, there is a story which is so strong and very much required in our society where they still consider necessary to hush a mental need. Other than the fresh wisdom, the movie flows and leaves you feeling so much better, so much more positive to let go of our insecurities and approach life with open arms with no restrictions! Everyone undergoes instances which leaves an ugly mark in our heads, it could be betrayal, heartbreak and many other things, hiding it away will not help us, through the course of the movie it is encouraged to talk it out openly about our past experiences, it could be a psychologist or your friend, you cannot remove a virus from your body unless you acknowledge it and try to get rid of it, pretending everything is fine hasn’t helped anybody. To see life in a different perspective, or perhaps a refreshing storyline other than a grand love story, this movie shall be definitely on your list.


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Wake up Sid:

A slow build and chilled vibe with perhaps an angsty undercurrent, the movie represents quite well the majority of the youngsters in the current society, where all of us feel pressured to be a certain way. The idea of earning big wad of cash, doing a big job that pays really well, with constant promotion, like figuring out what we like and want to do the rest of our life isn’t enough, we are to be narrowing down to jobs that pay well only!  It can be hard, it can be confusing, it could take a well to settle, perhaps parents were to start responding to earn in an earlier age, say eighteen, would we be any better in handling financially and making quick and better decisions. This movie will make you ponder and make you get up them and do something!


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This is a class apart, and kudos for attempting a plot such as this, a good thriller with no nonsense and entertainment as well, with Anushka as the main lead, this movie is about a couple who accidentally gets involved with the mafia of the particular area and how it turns ugly. The best part about this movie is that there is no sugar coating, nothing like ‘happily ever after’ with everyone holding hands and skipping into the sunset where everyone lives and everyone loves each other! It is gore, thrilling, a saga of emotions of how an incident can change us, can evoke a feeling so extreme that the lines of good and bad begin to blur, this is in no way a movie with outstanding moral, as it is that of raw human instincts. If you are interested in a compact storyline, and a gripping tale, this is the movie to consider.

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And lastly and overall, a movie of the recent past that was applauded for the brave topic taken because truly this is a needed movie which addressed a big issue of how blaming women for misbehaving is instinctive. The idea of a woman wearing clothes she is comfortable with, having fun and that it does not mean that she is asking for it, does not mean her basic rights should be overruled and her right to consent vanishes! Forcing women (or men) into something they have clearly objected to, shows how civilization hasn’t helped some people to respect one another, with the danger constantly lurking with not enough response to end this evil. If you are feeling frustrated with how women are treated in our current society, a movie with a fight rather than of freedom like the movie Queen, you need to watch this movie to restore your faith in the construct of our civilization!

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