Squiggle Eyebrows, Eyebrow Game On The Next Level. 

We all are aware that makeup is every girl’s passion but, what happens when a makeup trend alerts the flag in a vague direction? This crazy eyebrow trend is doing the rounds and has already encouraged dislikes from most of the makeup junkies. “Squiggle” refers to an irregular curl or a twist in a layman’s term. For a better example, you might have experienced kids squiggling around the walls, books or even on their faces.

Since the fashion brow had its own history and followed its own revolution, there was also gone and lost eyebrow trend “Feathered Eyebrows” that once upon a time became Instagram favorite until this year.

image source: feedfad

This bizarre yet creepy eyebrow trend was initiated by a famous social media influencer and a beauty/makeup blogger “Promise Tamang” who is recognized for performing various experimental looks. Tamang swears by her inspiring experimental makeup avatars and do not lend ears to the comments and public opinions. An edited picture on the internet caught her eye to re-create the eyebrow look in her way, though she wasn’t expecting people to react in a certain way.

image source: Promise Tamang Instagram

“Squiggle Eyebrows” is also known as “wiggle Eyebrows”. Tamang’s Instagram picture accumulated with racist comments while most people described it as an eyebrow mess, odd and bizarre. While young girls are still struggling in attempt to endure a perfect winged liner and fixing eyebrow affair, this eyebrow trend could have gone far beyond the limits of normality. Instagram feed was flooded with hilarious memes and trolls that were circulated on other social media networking sites.

Makeup should be treated as a way of self-expression and accepting the beauty reality rather than creating such bizarre looks. Personally, it didn’t look as appealing to me, it simply looks a wastage of product and time. Beauty and makeup bloggers won’t take their 30 minutes of precious time to figure out how to style wavy eyebrows.

This eyebrow game is definitely not on fleek even though it caught Huda beauty’s attention. One has their own choice of likeness no matter who they are.

If you’d like to give it a shot to the Squiggle eyebrow trend then you must have these 3 magical things in your makeup pouch! Not mandatory that it could go a waste (TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK).

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Things you need to make Squiggle eyebrows:

  • Use a PVA glue to give a flat structure to the brow.
  • Concealer (to hide the rest of the brow game)
  • Mix a black gel liner with a brow pomade product and your Go-To-Go!
image source: feedfad

Other eyebrow trends that kept the industry in ice and has carried on since 2016, though few of these trends have faded away.

1 – Feathery Eyebrows

2 – Smokey Eyebrows

3 – Bushy Eyebrows

4 – Messy Eyebrows

5 – The Defined Dramatic Arch

6 – No-Brow/Anti-Brow

7 – Natural Brow

8 – Thick Dark Brow

9 – The Straight Brow

10 – The Classic Dramatic Arch

Today’s fashion, makeup, and lists of other trends have become exaggerated in nature. There’s a lot coming from every corner of the industry.