Leave A Critter For God Sake!

Pareeniti Chopra is a 28 year old talented Bollywood actress known for her latest flop release “Meri Pyaari Bindu” and is rumored to star in Rohit Shetty’s highly anticipated sequel of “Golmaal 4”, Golmaal Again opposite Ajay Devgan. The movie is said to go on floors this Diwali in October.

But it seems that not all’s well in Paree’s social media paradise. She often seem to get caught up in the wrong attention from her fans by her random social media moves. Pareeniti had always faced a line up of controversies for feeling comfortable in her own skin or for being a mouth runner self that she is!

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Ever since Pareeniti Chopra was appointed as the first Indian woman ambassador of Australia’s tourism she was initiated to explore and discover beautiful places in Australia by their cordial PR.

Brand ambassadors are appointed for a reason, to make the world more aware about certain things, throwing influential personalities as a tool to endeavor this tough task. It’s more like a service!

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Pareeniti Chopra’s tour to Australia kick started with full smiles but soon turned into a bizarre controversy as soon as she uploaded a pout selfie with a koala in Brisbane on her Instagram handle. Her selfie soon accumulated with sexual and ugly remarks, body shaming her. Pareeniti’s fellow followers started trolling her till death and couldn’t terminate it. She had to withdraw the koala selfie off from her account. We’re pretty sure, she must have thrown her phone away out of frustration because of such unexpected embarrassing remarks gliding on her way. Paree was just having fun cuddling an innocent critter, people of our country seem to have bad intentions with most of the things and seem to over analyze an extra!

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Indian men found a reason to objectify Pareeniti’s selfie by slut shaming her with a koala!! We feel ashamed of the kind of country we live in. If this is the current state of mentality, then we can only hesitate to urge women to rise up for “WOMEN EMPOWERMENT” and not feminism alone.

Pareeniti Chopra captioned her selfie stating – “This little fur ball is just what I needed to kick start my holiday in Brisbane, never miss a koala cuddle” (SYC).

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Pareeniti’s fans noticed where koala’s paw was placed!

Instead of fighting back the shame, Pareeniti Chopra disappeared the koala selfie.

We could bring in few remarks in the light.


  • U 2 look alike
  • Same to same @pareenitichopra
  • Holding her b*** 


We hold high regards and respect to Pareeniti Chopra and further not publish other remarks.


Pareeniti Chopra was also demoralized by her fans when she uploaded a video of an assistant holding her umbrella in Dubai on a beach. She then soon dragged it out off her social media accounts when her fans broke down in rage, labeling her as a snob.