2017 Year of Craziness?

Though we have been all through bizarre and fancy make up trends that twirled off 2017 and left the year with new and existing trends that displayed unpleasant looks may it be tongues going glittered or uncanny fashion brow experiments. It was intriguing to notice make up junkies exposing and experimenting with their faces. One such bizarre make up trend that staged around the center of web like cherry on the cake were ‘hair nostrils extensions’. Where common people struggle with over grown hair in their nostrils and adapt all sort of things that result in kicking it off to trash, but these insanely popular beauty gurus grew a pro-found love to increase their hair nostrils with certain techniques. We’re sorry, trends are going out of hands and this is forcing us to quit being a human?

Hair nostrils extensions is more like a spider’s web crawling under the radar of your nose, eww?

source: deccanchronicles

A user named Gret Chen Chen on Instagram handed over this craze to the rest of the bandwagon when she posed herself wearing fake curved lashes in her nostrils, people went gaga over her post and immediately imitated the same. In the midst of thousands trends, it has become simple to take any beauty trend ahead, since it has higher chances of going viral. Though, people reacted humorously and at the same time were annoyed by their craziness. @nadirahat stated “this is soo cute and naughty at the same time” while another user @modernbeautyco stated “Literally makes me want to throw up”, @kyharward stated “Thought this was spiders on her nose”, @stephbear1979 stated “The most ugliest thing I ever see in my life loll”. While the rest found it too horrible to be true!!

If hair nostrils extensions are trending right now, what would be trending in the 22nd century?