Break The Hashtag – Male Make Up Junkies!

This 10 year old make up genius could be the next big thing in the beauty industry. While we are utterly struggling to perfect our winged liner, this pretty school boy from UK is breaking the internet by mastering make up techniques effortlessly. He accidentally slipped to fame by confidently uploading a make up video that consisted a cute caption “You walk in to you, son doing this, wyd?” on his Facebook page ‘VibeswithBae’ and insanely moved viral worldwide, around May this year. The video racked more than 50 million thumbs up and buttoned more than 1k shares. Though it welcomed him with a tinge of criticism too, but people encouraged and appreciated him for utilizing make up as a form of ‘self-nuance’.

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Since the minimum age to join Instagram is 13, 10 year old Jack who is currently slaying the make up game, stays loyal to his worshipers and never forgets to throw special mentions for the beauty products he endeavors in his posts. His initials on Instagram goes by @makeuupbyjack and carries over 200,000 worshipers. Jack’s IG handle is beautifully decorated with stunning posts in vivid make up looks and often swears to hashtag his posts with #makeupforboys. It will be intriguing to see him join the beauty ‘bandwagon’ with other beautiful male makeup artists. Well, look at that bake, highlight, eye shadow and that contour? While this 10 year old make up king is trading headlines for his ‘Unicorn Frappuccino’ and ‘natural’ inspired make up looks, I’m still trying to apply a lipstick so perfectly!

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Make Up Benefits For Men

  • Enhances Jawline
  • Hide bits of flaws
  • Break the gender stereotypes
  • Stands out
  • Gain popularity and cash with flawless make up techniques

Successful Male MU Artists In The Beauty Industry

  • In 2017, Maybelline announced to stamp, a 26 year old beauty blogger ‘Manny Gutierrez’ (Manny Mua) as their new face.
  • Jake Jamie Ward is a make up ethu who stepped in the world of make up at the age of 19 and carried his own lovely initiative #MakeUpisGenderless campaign, to empower male make up enthusiasts.
  • Gary Thompson is also a stunning make up artist and a make up junkie who acquired a position in Loreal campaign in the past.

Other popular male MU artists include

  • Patrick Starr

  • CarmiMUA

  • Jeffrey Lynn Steininger

  • Jay Manuel

  • Sutan Amrull

  • Jame Charles