Best Vs Best – Trending?

These make up trends are set to win against the thousand trends in line. Maybe, we could wear this in outer space?

Holographic is high fashioned, loud and electrifying make up trend, good enough to give light to basic features of your face. Ever wonder why beauty gurus on social media are leaving their cheekbones highlighted 3-4 times more than before? This make up trend is referred to as “Holographic“.

Glimmer, shimmer, glow this season with the town’s hottest and trendiest make up trend. Making everything glow will not disappoint you. It’s just the matter of time, everything could turn magically holographic in the coming generation. Make up junkies have also started highlighting their upper lips, high points of cheek bones or forehead quite a lot now.

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Holographic look is majorly displayed by high end fashion brands at fashion shows and bizarre fashion events. This is yet the best make up trend that has ever gone out.

You can make the best of unwanted highlight palettes that are recklessly lying in the make up vanity box.

Tips to get the heavy glowing strobe –

After setting the make up with a setting spray, dab on colorful liquid highlighters finishing off the look with a banana setting powder.

Recommended products NYX Away We Glow Liquid Highlighter, Smashbox Setting + Primer Spray & Australis Banana Compact Powder to get the extraterrestrial & fabulous look.

Lip Sprinkles, Fancy Much?

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Lip art has turned out to be the most common make up trend that goes around and comes back around without an invitation. Women these days are uplifting the make up game without any fear or restrictions.

You can try sprinkling scrubbed candy sweets as a lip coat underneath a vivid and shiny lip gloss.

To keep the look subtle, sprinkle few bits and pieces of lip scrub to get that perfect sprinkled lip trend. You can simply add shimmer to look more fancy, pop of vivid metallic eye shadow will work. JUST TAP WITH YOUR FINGERS!

Make sure to exfoliate your lips pretty well before beginning to experiment. In contrast to violent lips, you can definitely give the sprinkling one a shot since it’s not ‘over the top’.