Men are unlocking the horizons of Fashion and Beauty. Indian men’s Fashion trends begins at its Eastern Ends.

There was a time when Beauty and Fashion were all categories under the women’s business. Things took a change unexpectedly. It is is not common to experience ‘gender-equality’ in every fields, fortunately,- The world of Fashion has ended its monopoly. The eastern part of India is famous for its wonderful verities as well as colorful designs especially in men’s fashion. Not just limited to world of fashion but there are changes in the world of beauty products as well. From fairness creams and face washes to deodorants, there are now many products that are men’s only.  Let us have a look at how things changed and the latest changes.

The Big Picture

India is a tapestry of cultures and traditional attires are different at different places. Somehow, the eastern states of India stands at its glory in men’s world. The ethnic adornments includes silk woven long coats, sherwani and sometimes turban. Most of the works on the sherwani is embroidered with gold or silver. A dupatta or a shawl is also included sometimes to make the men stand apart. In recent years, the tradition this traditions have changed for a brand new but classy wears.

Recently, More bright and attractive colors took place of the regular gold, silver and white. In sherwani, the typical perfect image has changed loose wavy comfy types. Long coats with collar and amazing thread or sequence works are more in the market these days. The old model Nehru Jacket has modifies its outlooks for the youth of the era and trending right now. The story is not ending with dresses alone. Men’s Jewelries are now a big hit in Indian markets. Bracelets, chains rings and wrist bands are all available in a multitude of diverse designs. These days coat brooches as well as special stones and other works in head gears are all in the fashion. Special brooches and expensive head gears makes use of some valuable stones such as diamonds, rubies etc and also, feathers and other natural elements.

The World of Handsome

When it comes to beauty, there is a great market exclusively for men’s products. Shaving creams, perfumes, face creams were all once devoted for film stars and celebrities, but not any more. There is a wide array of products based on ski tone, type such as oily or dry and other features. Hair products and men hairstyles have revolutionary changes. Long hairs were once women’s dream but now a dream for all- gender no bar. Even bows, hair bands and clips are not women’s exclusives anymore. Beards are a mark of handsomeness these days and has evolved many new trends. Long, short, trimmed, french are all now part of the beard fashion. Chevron, Walrus, Handlebar or nothing is the evergreen fashion in moustache.

Fashion is always what lights up the lives amidst the daily stresses. Men’s fashion is now in a rapid and tremendous evolutionary phase. This glitter of latest trends are in everything ; from hair to toe. Let us hope to see much more colorful, vibrant and enthusiastic designs and vogues in the coming times.