Huda Kattan’s McDonalds Brow

Huda Kattan is a Dubai-based beauty guru and an influential youtuber, glamorously known for her enthu in the beauty industry. Huda owns her own website “” in order to show passion for make up, hence she often uploads make up tutorials on her social media networking sites that whirl viral like floods.

Beauty freaks swear by loyalty and worship her tutorials like fire. Huda is also one of the biggest beauty influencers in the beauty industry till date. She even claims that her craze for make up kick started at the age of 9, and we assume that teenage girls grew a wild obsession in ‘make up’ by this whole ideology in order to hide their imperfections and to look sheer ‘perfect’ instead of embracing it.

image source: hellogiggles

Wacky trends are the most common thing that go viral on the internet, sometimes they are imitated by thousands of people while at times it raises a red flag, in return encouraging dislikes. Huda Kattan’s whole intention was not to initiate a bizarre trend post squiggle brows, but simply make a point to troll the weirdest eyebrow trends and put forth in a manner that ‘McDonald’s Brow’ was related to a fast food brand but in the most wackiest way.

image source: topday

Huda showed the world, “McDonald’s Brow” also known as the “Golden Arch” that soon started trending like bombshell within the few hours on the internet, though McDonald’s brow had gained million hearts. McDonald’s brow trend not only had caught the entire attention from make up junkies to raise their brows from all around the world but also created a big buzz, trolling past eyebrow trends that swept the internet over a period of time. It was found that her fans started going total bonkers over her latest brow trend, and was found to be lovin it, since the eyebrow trend is said to be inspired by McDonalds.

This is how Huda’s McDonald’s brow trend started…

While she looked annoyed by these wacky trends, she started her clip by saying ‘we have seen it all’ (SYNC)

Huda therefore claimed that she has seen a line up of brow trends –

  • Glitter brows
  • Barbie brows
  • Feather brows
  • Wavy brows
  • Braided brows

While, Huda also demonstrated how to initiate the McDonald’s Brow, she looked super cute and even shared a gigantic laugh at the end of the clip which I’m sure made your heart melt.

image source: dailymail

At first she covered her natural eyebrows with the use of glue stick, foundation and a tad bit of powder to maintain a “no brow” look. She then created two golden arches over the invisible areas. Huda also stated that you can either hop into McDonalds with a foxy or a rabbit ears, she clearly meant that out of concern for her vegan and non-vegan fans.

image source: allure

Huda Kattan ended her clip by stating that “I hope *McDonald’s Brow* is the last trend”, well we guess if future trends disappear then there will be no fun, to make fun!

Conclusion – Huda’s McDonald’s Brow trend have also raised a red flag, no matter who you are, people tend to get attracted to things which only make sense!

image source: allure