Fix The Mess!

A teenager’s wardrobe is meant to break all the boundaries when it comes to keeping personal belongings even in the most organized way. Life may throw at you the toughest of tasks to tackle and sometimes missing out the spot to handle it with a little binge of carefree. Keeping track with the college life and munching snacks with the close ones, well it’s an unavailability of time that leads you to a messy wardrobe. Fret not, here are top 5 ways to quick fix a messy wardrobe.

  1. Declutter 

source: justagirlandherblog

Eliminating unnecessary items from your wardrobe will not only turn the attention towards the things that has never been touched but also teach you how to keep things in an organized way whilst in an empty space. It will probably give a sense of hint as to what your first preference be, to pick up from your wardrobe next. Decluttering will also make sure that no unwanted things are present in the areas of your wardrobe that is eating up the space.

2. Sell Online – 

source: Spoyl

The best investment ever created is in selling your used items online, there’s no other way to empty the space of the wardrobe. Selling online has become quite the trend in the past 2 years advertised by well-known celebrities or fashion bloggers. There are plenty e-commerce websites doing the rounds of selling online which have been useful to millions of people in India. It’s as simple as it sounds, go to the selected well-grown e-commerce website, sign up and start publishing images of the selected items that you’d prefer to sell. Apps/websites such as Spoyl, Elanic, Flipkart, etc. offers customers to sell and gain money instantly as an additional part-time job to your after college routine.

3. Donate 

source: GiveIndiaOrg

Instead of items lying recklessly in your wardrobe, the best move you can make is donate whilst gaining rewards from God. Donating the old items from the wardrobe to the needy or giving it away to a trusted NGO in the neighborhood will release all your stress. Donation and charitable websites such as and can help you reach out to the ones in need.

4. Recycle 

source: Meijo’s joy

Recycling is one of the old age recipes that most households have been using it since years. Cropping out a piece of cloth from one of your used tops, Cutting the edges of a tank top and turning it into a brand new fringe top or painting it with the help of DIY tutorials on Youtube. There are many ways to recycle old items from your wardrobe, it will be easier to make “less is more” option and will aid in investing into a lot of space.

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5. Lend Your Wardrobe To The Street Stores 

source: stellaface

Lend the used items from your wardrobe to the street stores. A street store will eventually make a sale out of the lender items and sell it off to the rest of the manufacturers. By doing so, you will gain a half percent of the commission. Make sure that the items you plan out to lend are in decent condition. Famous brand such as H & M takes the old items from the customers giving them a bumper discount on their new purchases.