Los Angeles, 8 February 2018 – Chelsea Klukas’s newest collections “Lumen Couture” is now available nationwide for American shipping and is destined to sell out.

The Seattle-based Maison, using avant-garde technology for gowns, is the first in the world to be focused on evening wear with fashion tech ornaments, while being cruelty-free and eco-friendly.

Lumen Couture has already launched two collections:

  • Dark Power, that blends into your wardrobe with LED nights that can be activated and change colors as well as patterns with the touch of a button.
  • The Sequin Collection, that includes an innovative removable washable lining to stay clean for repeated wearings.

In addition to this, “Any dress can be customized with music, or lights up based on the temperature or heart rate”, shares the designer.

While being a Product Design Manager at Facebook, Klukas’  has mastered to design and co-create more than 100 designs as she  is the co-founder of MakeFashion, the biggest Fashion Tech collective in Northern America.

Within 6 years, Chelsea Klukas has organized in more than 4 countries, including Germany, Italy, Canada, China and the United States.

Her unique ensembles has caught the attention of costume designers from Netflix and other avant-garde stylists.

Empowering inclusion: From Maker To Teacher

Headquartered in Seattle, Chelsea Klukas is touring all year-round to teach about Fashion tech and new innovations. Moreover, she involved with STEM in order to raise awareness for young girls and fashion.

With a reasonable price tag, these precious pieces have impressed many designers and global media, by their ability to attract fashion experts to wear them.

“As a Co-Founder I launched MakeFashion from a coffeeshop discussion to an internationally-acclaimed leader in the wearable technology space”, said the designer.

Lumen Couture has already been exhibited at Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show, NY FashionTech and was distinguished by the Wall Street Journal.

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