Join The Trending Make Up Bandwagon

Zestful make up trends are curated to grab eyeballs. Sometimes, it’s done just for the sake of either entertaining purposes or to rebelliously mock other make up trends. This year rolled into things that we thought would never exist. Fashion is the most influential language to express emotions and symbolism, it often holds regards to individualistic approach in their personal style.

Sometimes, few things work and few things trash but it gets captured right into our minds with a less or powerful impact. 2017 left us with rather electrifying and unexpected make up trends that curated all over the web like wildfire. Here is a list of bizarre make up trends of brows and tongues that kick started with hopes of appreciation but somehow got stuck in the middle attraction.

source: popsugar

People often carve their craft in something fruitful but this Texas based make up artist Alexa Link introduced her internet besties to a complicated eyebrow trend in April, 2017. She published a selfie on her Instagram handle with a ‘rusty brown-hued extraordinary rendition’ eyebrow show, that caught more than anybody’s attention. It created a big buzz in uplifting and recreating this eyebrow trial by the rest of the MUAs to fit the ‘brow carving bandwagon’.

Brow carving is more like a brow suicide, while some people assumed that Alexa Link’s good attempt to wound her precious eyebrows was a drab. Don’t worry, she didn’t consume any sharp products, she took the risk with a binge of concealer and formed a smart outline with an eye-shadow. Brow carving went viral like noodles and twirled into a new arch trend, there’s a whole lot of creativity breathing around us!


source: allure

Since the world is approaching towards all kind of crazy things, this trend will surely cut you off from a real world and throw you into a cluster of galaxies and flying clouds, well give it a thought? A Melbourne based make up artist Jacintavukovie beautifully failed at attempting a casual metallic make up look, instead comprised her tongue sparkled with glitter accidentally.

Glitter tongue make up trend didn’t really buzz a statement at first, but later it filtered Instagram feeds racking with unexpected likes. In case you are up for this make up trend, go look for some ‘vegan material’. Playing with glitter tongue could land you in health concerns so we highly recommend not to try this bizarre make up trend.


source: allure

In the midst of endless make up trends, you might probably swim in the closed space when you’re least known. Harlibi is a gorgeous 23 year old self taught make up artist from Oregon who proved that creativity is a craft that can be done by those who sweep out of their comfort zone, imperiling themselves to attempt new things!

Harlibi reincarnated Stella Sironen’s feathered brows by emerging hers into dangerous spikes with the tool of gel and a spoolie. Her selfie lit up the internet and gained over 6k impressions on Instagram, newbies got inspired and applauded her bright confidence with a welcome smile. She further quoted her selfie “I wanted to embrace the opportunity to move away from cookie-cutter brows that are so common and try to have more fun with my expression-caterpillars”

These were the make up trends that in their own twisted ways accumulated much more attention than just an ordinary trend.