Skincare Tips From The Best!

Fashion and beauty Youtube guru Aanam Chashmawala, popularly known as “Aanam C” for her vivid and ecstatic personality, you would often come across pleasing mini beauty tutorials on her Instagram handle. She makes sure beauty enthusiasts are on their toes with beauty and fashion updates she shades all over the web. Apart from jumping bliss from one place to another, she promises to be the most attractive one on her fashion/beauty blog or otherwise


Aanam inherits exclusive style in her, along with her gorgeous designer mom and a modern husband. Her ecstatic personality and a charming face makes her exuberantly intriguing that sets her apart from rest of the fashion bloggers. With the blooming fan following of hers, she has caught quite the eye balls endeavoring some of the biggest make up brands on her channel – HudaBeauty, Smashbox, Fenty, EsteeLauder, Clarins amongst the rest. Aanam’s blog ranges from various categories to fashion, travel, lifestyle, beauty and personal style. She addresses some bold statements that hence, inspire younger women of 21st century.

Since, there’s a massive growth of social media influencers reaching their best reserved spot on Instagram, the only great platform for a tidy exposure, Aanam’s list of worshipers are numbered to be 97k along with her subscribers on youtube which is over 30k. Humble advices are what she lives for, other than brewing passion for what she does, she endeavors the best foot forward to stand by any campaign or a cause on social media platforms.


Secret Skincare Tips From Aanam C

With Aanam’s latest and exclusive interview with fashion magazine GRAZIA, she revealed some of her unknown skincare secrets. She believes in good skincare regime before staging on-face make up, fixing sprays and primers are her go-to-go products! Since, she is rarely seen with heavy make up, she likes to keep her contour and highlight a little subtle. Aanam’s favorite make up tip involves brightening God gifted features with concealer and highlighter. When Aanam isn’t involved in any shoots, she swears by matte lipsticks, lip balms, mascara, blush, concealer and highlighter.

Aanam is the ‘all know-er’ when it comes to a proper skincare regime, she mostly keeps her presence indulged in good quality products. Moisturizing and prepping the skin is what she normally does.

Night Time – 

Aanam’s night skincare ritual involves face cleansers, cleansing brushes, night repair serums, moisturizing and tons of lip balms before sleep.

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