India’s Amazon Blink

Amazon India has finally curated its first fashion studio Blink. The studio has been already generated by professionals in Gurugram, Delhi and is rumored to be Amazon’s third fashion studio in the world followed by London and New York. In the midst of high functioning festive season, the 44,000 sq.ft studio is expected to facilitate the venture of the fashion retailers associated with Amazon with amenities such as prominent quality images and videos.

The Blink studio feeds all the top brands like Forever 21, Marks & Spencer and Calvin Klein and carries over 15,000 worthy brands. Billions of dollars have already summed up from Amazon’s venture, it will be interesting to capture the offline venture’s massive results. Amazon has never let down the market industry, so shoppers have a high expectation!

“At Amazon, we are always thinking about how we will raise the bar, how we will redefine the way the customer discovers, engages with and shops for fashion online. All of our efforts we’ve made for this studio in terms of technology, scale and talent are designed to deliver high-quality imagery that inspires and educates our customers,” said Arun Sirdeshmukh, head, Amazon Fashion India, in a statement.

“We have photographers, models, stylists, video editors and other resources. We are constantly looking at new ways of collaboration,” added Sirdeshmukh. “With this studio, we will continue to strengthen our relationships across the entire industry – with brands, designers and creative talent. This is part of our plan to innovate in how fashion is displayed on the site and be the best possible place for fashion brands to present themselves online.”

“We run several businesses under the Amazon Fashion umbrella; there is jewelry, footwear, clothing, accessories and luggage and so on. Each of those businesses, quarter on quarter grow between 80-100%, while growth in H1 (first half of 2017) was 90% (for the entire fashion category),” Sirdeshmukh said.

The studio comprises of 16 photography bays, ramp, presentation area and work spaces, hence it will authorize the fashion brand partners to generate, edit images, videos and curate out of the box content with assistance from Amazon. The studio can be taken on lease by the high end brands to extant their latest approach and ingenious outlook. Wider platform is introduced to launch a new collection of a fashion brand and can also be exercised to mart their creations through fashion shows and other such events.

“We have photographers, models, stylists, video editors, and other resources. We are constantly looking at new ways of collaboration,” said Sirdeshmukh. (RR)