Is Indian Youth Really dispassionate about Politics or are they lack the right opportunity?

Our History

Our History lessons won’t go without a reference on the 1857 rebellion, the first milestone in Indian Independence Struggle. On the account, the rebellion was initiated by a 29-year-old brave Sepoy, Mangal Pandey. Ultimately this led to all over India, inspiring many other struggles. If we have a deeper look into our past, we will see much more examples of the influence of youth in politics. Though we have such glorious past, our future stories of the same remain mystery. Why is Indian Youth still silent?

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

India is the second most populous country and nearly 65% of the population includes age groups of 39 years or under. A clear majority! But, when it comes to politics, the youth includes only less than 12%.  Are the things going in a so-called ‘democratic-way’?

A majority of youth believes involvement in politics, as well as social issues, is just by voting. In some aspects, yes it is. But the point to be noted down is that election or public opinion is what makes us a democracy and it is not the end of the Indian politics. We cannot be a successful democracy with half of its population staying away from the decisions that shape our nation. More than this, least engagement in politics is a sign of low respect to our own civic responsibilities.

The lack of interest of youth is mainly because they do not have a platform. We elect our representatives from a minority of our total population and the decision are there will. Of course, they represent the people as a whole, but does our youth has adequate representation? Are their discussion, debates, and solution for the problems of the majority?

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So what to do?

These problems are not something limited to a political party or governance but are existing since a long time. Are our youth too busy making up their future to engineers and doctors, forgetting politics? It is the time we raise our voice to the system that still considers the majority ‘underage in political systems’.

Somehow, we cannot completely blame the systems. The new gen India has unlimited access to social medias, where they have an open platform to reflect and raise as responsible citizens. India occupies top position when it comes to the number of social media subscribers. But how many of us are aware of the political, social and economic issues of our nation? Don’t be late to raise against thriving injustice and play your part as a dutiful citizen.

The last word

India is really in need of a powerful, enthusiastic and strong leader. A leader with good deeds and vision. In our population, there are thousands of doctors and engineers, but a born leader is one in a million. Yes. the youth needs more than this. Together let us dream a nation which echoes the voice of our youth, A nation that is purely democratic. It is time, our leaders stand an eligibility test and give way to the capable. Let us hope for a better role for youth in politics. Jai Hind