Despite Abolition; The children of India are still working hard in the industries of Diamond mines, fireworks and other. Why are we silent?

Child Labour is a long discussed and debated topic. We have been hearing this since a decade ago, and as time went we relived ourselves in the hope that at least ‘child labour’ doesn’t exist in our surroundings. You are wrong if you are one among the many who think child labour has vanished from India. Shockingly, even in 2017, Child labour is holding firm in the many industries of India. Are we blind or are we turning our eyes away from these?

A deeper look into our happiness

A diamond ring or necklace spread joy in every women’s face. Also, Indians just love to celebrate Diwali lighting a splash of colorful fire crackers. Take a moment and think the scenario in a wider angle. When our children happily lights the crackers, there are still thousands of kids, who are cracking their life in these to earn a meal. It is time we rise our voice for the kids of our nation.

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Some recent reports show that a great percent of India’s GDP is contributed via Child Labour. In the diamond mines of Surat, children are constantly working in cutting and polishing the stones. The cutting and polishing of the stones requires lucidity and precision, and that put children in great demand in these industries. Similar are the views from fire-crackers,glass and other industries. Children are forced to work from morning to evening and paid much less. The dust, dirt and other congestion in these work-sites is not only unhealthy but also harsh to their little lives. Young children of 10-14 years are melting their lives in these environment and striving from nutrient deficiencies. Most of these children are suffering from other health issues as well.

Children are the torch-bearers of our future India. Not just here, but in every nation children are the greatest of all assets. When we miss them to the dark worlds of labour, we are missing the actual diamonds of our future nation. A loss; that nothing else can solve. Besides, in individual scale, it ruins a child. Those children are hidden from the light of education and forced to bear the burden of their family in their young shoulders. Remember it is their rights as well to go to school and have nutritious food.

Rise Against

According to Article-24 of Indian Constitution, Children below the age of 14 years shouldn’t be forced to work. Also, they have their rights for primary education. Laws are not just meant to be kept safe and beautifully written, but to obey. Eyes are not just to see good but also to show others what is good. So, rise against these existing evils in our society and make it a better place to live in. Do you think it is just to invest in bullet trains and metro rails when the children of our nation starves and toils for a square meal? We want leaders with deeds and vision. We can’t miss these little leaders in the dark solitude of work sites. Jai Hind.