Is our education limited to mugging-up and scoring marks?

‘Creativity’ and ‘Imagination’ are the two words that students of our generation rarely hear about. Even if they know by-heart the exact meaning, of the two words, provided in Oxford dictionaries; they may still be unaware of the fact that these words have a real-life application. It is one of the greatest tragedies that our education system is facing right now. 5+ subjects to a single brain is a hard ratio and its much harder when each word and each line has to be memorized, in each subject. A typical top scorer’s brain is limited to the copy-paste options, just like in a computer. Each of us is waiting for a day when we can actually apply the mathematical identities such as; (a + b)2.

Forget about the identities; but when it comes to logical thinking or application level questions, 80% of the students won’t pass. So, why are we learning? We spend 12 years, plus an additional 4-6 years still knowing how to apply.

Marks will not determine the future

Since the pre-primary classes, we are taught to learn for marks. In case of the marks, the best applicable thought is; the higher the better. Though many a great man has proved marks are just numbers, with no explicit or implicit link with future, for the world around students, marks are everything. It is believed a top scorer from a top university in a top subject will have a top future. Is it always so?

Students are facing so much stress through education, especially in India, where they are pushed to the limits of the brain. As soon as a child enters 10th class, the true virtue of pressure begins. “You can relax as much as you want after your boards” is the only sound that echoes in their life. But boards will never be a halt. Then comes the real struggle for the next two years. After that, the ultimate professional dilemma followed by the war with national and state entrance exams. The rest of the college and further are derivatives of the same experiences. Everywhere, marks rule the school and student world.

The scene gets serious when students fall into depression.  A recent study shows suicide in many cases when students can no longer take the stressful exams and lessons. The fact that our parents and society should understand is that more than physics, chemistry, and mathematics, our children should first learn to not give up in life. They should be taught to live life to the fullest and backbenchers are better in this than teachers’ pets.

The last words

Our educational system is forgetting the very purpose of education and transforming students to robots that can memorize, rather than think on its own. A child should be let to find its potential and wander in and out of his/ her passions. The genius, Albert Einstein has once said “Everybody is a Genius. But If You Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree, It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid.” The same applies to our educational systems as well. Books and school-life should be sweet memories rather than just memorizing. Hope things change one day and the joyful, vibrant days of school life will be back once again.