Wanna do something differently? Why not try these blossoming career paths.

Choosing a career is certainly one of the biggest decisions in everyone’s life. Passion, Success, Money, Family, a hundred thoughts rush into one’s brain even for the simplest thought of choosing a career. About three-quarters of the student community is completely fed up with the regular medical-engineering trend and is waiting to do something differently. So, here are some different careers  for the ones who think differently.



Interested in a little space adventure and chasing the extraterrestrials? Then be a astrobiologist!

Astrobiology is a budding course with immense opportunities to explore wide and deep. Based on the current statistics, this is an offbeat course and not a common profession. Aspirants need to have a good hold on biology, physics as well as chemistry. It is a really interesting course for anyone who loves to know more about the origin of life and to unlock the mysteries of our silent universe.


Baking is one of the oldest professions in the world. A career as a baking specialist fits best for creative heads and cooking- lovers.

Around the world, the course is in a great demand. This is a unique, but responsible profession and a baker is supposed to have a great hand in creative as well as nutritional aspects. Also, students can widen their field of interest by specializing in cake decoration, pastry techniques etc.


Have a good handwriting? Then, be a part-time calligrapher and earn a little more.

Calligraphy is the art of writing. Normally, Calligraphy is not chosen as a full-time profession though it will be really interesting for anyone who is blessed with a good handwriting. Spicing up things with a little imagination can help one explore more in this field.

Food technology

Are you a foodie?

Food technology is a rare course that is in great demand these days.The duty of food technologist is to apply science in the processing as well as manufacture of edibles and keeping its nutritional value, at the same time. Everywhere in the world, there are great consumers for packed and ready to eat food items. So, food technology can find you a job anywhere in this globe.


Gemmology is the extensive study of gemstones and is basically considered as a discipline under mineralogy. A gemmologist categorizes valuable stones based on a number of factors and is a really important professional field in jewel making. In addition, a specialist in gemmology requires extreme precision and skills of observation.

This a budding profession and excellent career path for anyone interested in disciplines like geology, chemistry, and physics.


Hydrotherapy is also known as water therapy or aquatic therapy. Water is one of the important compounds that make up our body and is extremely important for a good health. Nowadays, hydrotherapy is preferred as one of the best ways for relaxation and busting stresses.

The work of a hydrotherapist is extremely important in health clinics and Fitness centers. Specializations in this field and additional experience can guarantee one a safe, secure and successful profession.

Leather technology

The leather is never outdated and always brands up with new styles in the world of fashion technology. Also, leather is one of the most important exported commodity.

A career in leather technology assures a good salary and successful profession. A professional in leather technology needs to have a good, creative as well as independent designing ideas. Also, manufacturing of leather products such as bags, shoes, and boots are also a part of this field of profession.

Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic therapy is a brand new career option available only in a very few colleges and universities in India.

A Magnetic therapist uses the powers of a magnet to heal the ailments and is a field with ample research opportunities. The works of a magnetic therapist are in best request in beauty as well as health clinics. Further specialization and additional therapeutic skills will be held in a great desire in India and around the world.


Oenology is the art of winemaking  Wine is an important beverage in India and around the world.

The course is interesting as a profession as well as passion and can offer high remuneration. A winemaker needs expert knowledge in fermentation as well as in choosing the quality of grapes and other products. The career path has many subdivisions and offers boarder platform and better opportunities.

  Wildlife Photography

Interested in nature and wildlife? Owns a camera?

Wildlife photography is a passion more than a profession. It fits best for anyone who loves to travel around and explore deep in the woods and curves of nature. A specialized degree in this field is extremely rare and assures a successful future. A love for nature and wildlife will help you reach its glory.

It is said; Love what you do and do what you love. So, Choose a path of personal preference and explore deep into it to be its best. All the best.


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