End The Suppression!

Saudi women are forever blowing trumpets to join the ‘bandwagon’ to grab their hands on hot wheels in Saudi Arabia. Rumors are twirling around since forever that some day these women, ‘suppressed’ under the veil, will break free from the strict laws that are fired against them. Credits of bringing forth the change goes to Prince Mohammed who broke the ice by announcing that women will be finally rushed behind the wheels. Saudi women are getting ready to pitch themselves for building lavish driving institutes and to raise highly professional female driving tutors from foreign countries. The driving detail looking at women have surely raised flags in other countries because one can’t live just without living to the fullest. If not now then when? how long will you hold the women of your country in captivity, it is everyone’s duty to raise a voice and stop the stupid laws that believes in the suppression of women.

Not everybody in the corner of the world shed positivity, but instead questioned ‘what took them so long’ and burst in vague reactions, the online critics are ranting lot of rubbish. Finally, Saudi society is beginning to yearn towards a fruitful step that would benefit the rights of women. There will be therefore an order that will be implemented by June 2018, depending on that we may know will the country finally allow women to drive. Since, we can’t be sure of the news, the issued orders may or not be accepted. Let’s hope for the best!

source: anushayspoint

According to a government spokesperson, women from the age of 18 will be allowed to own the wheels, while some theorists believe and argue that if women rode camels during the time of prophet Mohammed then why shouldn’t they be allowed to ride “modern-day camels” too — “CARS”

Saudi women have been tearing out of rage into sweat and blood by fighting hard for their rights for more than 25 years now. Most of the strong headed liberal women activists have been working towards various campaigns to shut the ‘anti-driving’ law for the women. In the light to uplift women empowerment, in 2011 a women named as “Mana Al Sharif” faced backlash and got jailed for 1 week, 2 days later when she blushed headlines for driving in Saudi Arabia, at the same time she shot and uploaded the video on YouTube, (while the ban on women against driving was still living). Mana now lives in Australia, she got extremely overwhelmed on hearing about the recent news.

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While some people are proud of this change and undoubtedly support women to drive; a rock anthem track titled as ‘Saudi Girls Will Drive’ was released by a Jeddah based male band ‘Most Of Us’. Though the melody of the track is reincarnated from ‘Born to be wild’ by “Steppenwolf”

The best part of this change is that there will be new opportunities layering towards women employment, more women working in the workforce. Saudi women are the real game changers, true?