India is blessed with many golden sports-women. Let’s have a look at the Female-Glory in the world of sports. The verdant stretch, long tracks of success, The Olympic torch of hope, the laudations at the gallery, the expectations…

For some, it is just a game but for others It is life. Sports is a mysterious world; A world that hides stories of hard-work and sweat. A world that stashes the many stories of success. When females took roles in the world; things took a revolutionary change. Stories of female-glory are reflecting from everywhere.

Women of India are more ambitious; They are friskily gaining as well as making their positions stronger in this world. The powerful steps of women empowerment’s result have got its paradigm with sports. May their names be inscribed in golden letters in our history. Aloud, from the bottom of our hearts; we say to she-champions- “Citius, Altius, Fortius.

The Past And Future

A long time ago, There was a time when women were locked up in wife-hood and motherhood. Being an athlete or winning an individual championship was not even there in the dreams of their late-night sleep. Maybe one simple, but strong will might have changed the lives and brought light into the dark world of many champions. The newspaper heading of 2016, right after the Olympics, is the best reward for that dedication and strong will. Those catchy heading spoke- ” Are women rewriting India’s Sports History?”

On 1984, At the Los Angeles Olympics, A women athlete from a little village in India; ran not just to victory, but to a national record. She was P.T Usha- ‘the queen of Indian track and field’. Be it long jump, tennis, gymnastics or boxing, there are women personalities that make India shine. Nitesh Tiwari’s 2016 box-office hit movie ‘Dangal’ as well as the 2014 Omung Kumar’s hit movie ‘Mary Kom’ are all tributes to those daring females. There are many more stories to say and there are many more stories waiting for future to say.

The 2016 Rio Olympics witnessed the true spirits and flair of the women of India. From Karnam Malleswari to Sakshi Malik and P.V Sindhu, there are stories of inspiration and motivation for our girls. ‘ The Woman In Blue’- India’s Women Cricket team under the leadership of Mithali Raj is our latest focus in the world of sports.

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The Last Word

Have you heard of GOLF? GOLF- Stands for Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden. That is now added to the list of history because now there is Women’s Golf teams and clubs. The world of sports is boundless and women are unstoppable; So there is always hope for more she-champions and amazing world records.

Soon, we can expect Women’s World cups, FIFA and a lot more. And we can certainly expect Indian women at these world events. Let the world know the strength of Indian woman. “Good players inspire themselves, Great players inspire others”. So, let us hope for more stories of Inspiration. Let the girls play hard, conquer the world and make a place for India on the world map. Jai Hind.